Moment half-naked skater plunges into freezing water as ice cracks on Amsterdam canal

This is the hilarious moment a half-naked skater plunges into the freezing water as the ice cracks in a canal in Amsterdam. 

Footage shows the man, wearing only a pair of black shorts, graciously skating through the ice while onlookers can be heard cheering. 

All of a sudden, as he is about to take an elaborate turn, the ice cracks and he falls head down into the icy water, provoking howls of laughter.

He quickly emerges out of the water and laughs about it, as he is trying to swim to the surface to catch his breath.

He then swims towards a bystander who is able to pull him out of the water with a rope. 

The skater then takes a bow for the clapping audience before skating away.

This comes after two 11-year-old girls had to be rescued on Saturday after getting trapped in the River Trent in Holgate.

One of the girls was pulled from the freezing-cold water while the other girl was left stranded with no way to get back to safety.

Thankfully a bystander spotted them and fire crews arrived at the scene shortly after.

The first girl was able to be supported in walking out the water as she was closer to the edge.

However to save the second girl fire crews had to use an inflatable 'pathway' to get her back to land.

The girls were extremely cold but unharmed after their icy ordeal.

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