Moment Melania Trump walks away from husband Donald during photo op

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Melania Trump had an awkward encounter in her last moment as First Lady by hurriedly leaving Donald Trump to go and sit in the car while he stopped to pose for photographs, as seen in widely-circulated footage.

The couple took their final Air Force One flight to the former President's Mar-a-Lago retreat in Palm Beach, Florida, today (January 20).

In a clip from the runway, the ex-President and his wife walk down the aircraft stairway together.

Trump has a hand on Melania's back and the former model is wearing a $3,700 (£2,709) Gucci dress and her signature giant sunglasses over her face.

While her husband stops to wave and address a crowd of people, Melania walks straight into the car without a backwards glance.

Trump says something inaudible over the sound of the aircraft, before following his wife into the waiting car.

One person uploaded the footage on Twitter with the caption: "Melania is totally done. She already quit posing."

Someone commented: "Love her."

Another joked: "She don't give a f***."

Other people suggested Melania and Trump will divorce following the end of his presidency, a rumour which has been categorically denied by her friends.

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"That’s a divorce move haha," wrote one.

Meanwhile, others appeared to share the bonkers conspiracy theory that Melania has a clone or body double.

One commented: "She looks COMPLETELY different from the woman who got on Marine One.

"Her hair is Uber blonde, for one thing."

With a more mundane explanation for Melania walking off, someone suggested: "Looks like Trump is slightly pushing her directing her to the car.

"Also, he says something before that.

"Maybe he wanted to appear alone on the final photos?"

This comes amidst reports of a feud between Melania and Trump's daughter Ivanka, with his wife reportedly once calling her step-daughter a "snake".

Melania allegedly also nicknamed Ivanka "princess" and there were claims Trump's daughter tried to rename the First Lady's Office the "First Family Office".

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