Moment Ukrainian troops get trapped in deadly minefield during counteroffensive

A brutal video depicting the “reality” of Ukraine’s brave counter-offensive to drive Russian forces out of their homeland has emerged online. The 11-minute video shows the Ukrainian 47th Assault Brigade as they try to cross a minefield and artillery target zone in southern Ukraine, four days into the 2023 counteroffensive. Men are seen dragging their maimed comrades and trying to desperately save them.

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The attempted assault in the video, filmed on 8 June, involved the 47th and 33rd’s best Western military vehicles. The squads were on their way to the town of Robotyne, in the Zaporizhia region, south-east Ukraine. Fighting in the area continues.

According to Ukrainian General Staff Spokesperson Andrii Kovalev, in recent days Ukrainian forces have conducted a “successful counteroffensive operation”.

Meanwhile, the Russian MoD claims that it has stopped a sabotage mission near the town.

Breaking into Robotyne could open up Ukrainian advances to Tokmak, 12 miles south. And then if they break through Tokmak, they can make it to Melitopol – which would cut in half the Russian military in southern Ukraine.

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Some commentators have warned the footage depicts Ukraine’s “failed” counter-offensive as they call for an end to the war, even if that means negotiating with Russia on their terms.

Chay Bowes, a co-founder of Irish publication The Ditch, also argued that by not showing the footage, the BBC and CNN have been complicit in a “delusion” that the war can be won.

However, Mr Bowes’s opinions contrast with many reports surrounding the Ukrainian counter-offensive operations.

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The British Ministry of Defence confirmed yesterday that Ukrainian forces have started retaking territory that had been occupied since 2014 when Russia’s unmarked “little green men” marched into eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian Airborne forces made “small advances” in the village of Krasnohorivka, near Donetsk city.

Commenting on the footage, Mr Bowes wrote on Twitter: “There’s a reason @BBCWorld and @CNN won’t show you the brutal reality of the #Ukrainian failed counteroffensive.

“They are complicit in the delusion that this war can be won by an increasingly depleted and demoralised #Ukraine, they are complicit in the perpetual war mongering that allows this gory reality to happen on a vast scale yet remain hidden from the Western taxpayers ignorantly funding it.

“Here a group of foreign mercenaries become trapped in a #Russian minefield and pre zeroed artillery kill zone.

“Their American #Bradley vehicles destroyed except for one.”

The think tank Chatham House recently published a report warning that compromising with Russia could persuade Russia that illegal invasions are a good strategy for getting what it wants. It warned Moldova and the Baltic States could be the next countries to see a brutal war, brought on by an illegal Russian invasion.

It states that calls for compromise are “specious”. It adds: “Any perception of success – which Russia will measure by ground held not by lives or material lost – will convince the Kremlin that its assault on Ukraine was the correct choice.”

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