Moment vets remove a ball which was trapped in throat of choking dog

Moment vets remove a ball which was trapped in throat of a German Shepherd named Kaiser who was just moments away from tragedy

  • A German Shepherd called Kaiser was saved by vets after choking on a ball 
  • He was rushed to the vets by his owner after the ball bounced into his mouth

This is the moment a German Shepherd narrowly escaped death after vets removed a ball that was trapped in his throat.  

The dog, called Kaiser, had been playing with the red ball during a daily walk when it bounced into his mouth.

The eight-year-old pooch soon started choking and gasping for breath leaving owner Suzanne MacKenzie petrified.

The grandmother then drove her beloved dog straight to the local vets in Clydebank, near Glasgow, Scotland.

The vets then sedated the German Shepherd before popping the small red ball out of the choking dog’s throat as he lay just moments from death.  

Suzanne MacKenzie (right) rushed her German Shepherd, called Kaiser (left), to the vets he started choking on a ball

Ms MacKenzie said: ‘Chasing a ball is Kaiser’s favourite thing, but he’s got some hip problems.

‘So I never throw it high to stop him jumping up.

‘We were at some nearby grass, and it must have just bounced and gone straight down his throat.

‘I tried to reach in and manipulate it out, but it was too far down.

‘He was choking and gasping for breath.

‘But, halfway driving to the vet, his breathing changed to a horrible rasp.

‘I knew it was bad.

‘It was so scary.’

With the ball stuck too far down the throat to easily reach, Kaiser was sedated and put on a catheter as he was panicking and asphyxiating.

A dental gag was put in place to keep the mouth open.

Video footage shows vets successfully popping out the small red ball from the pooch.

Reunited with her pet, Suzanne said: ‘I couldn’t stop crying while sitting waiting.

‘The thought that they might be unable to save him was awful.

‘I’ve binned all his balls, and I’d definitely advise everyone not to take any chances.’

Vets said Kaiser was just minutes away from death.

Vets in Clydebank, near Glasgow, saved the choking German Shepherd by removing the ball from his throat

Clinical Director, Joanne Cameron, from My Family Vets, said: ‘There was a tiny gap allowing some air to get in, but the soft tissue was swelling, and his tongue was blue through lack of oxygen.

‘Kaiser couldn’t have survived much longer, so time was critical.

‘The ball was too slippery to get out using instruments, and I didn’t want to risk pushing it down and blocking the airway completely.

‘So, I used my fingers to work at the ball from the outside of the throat, and then I felt it moving and suddenly popped out.’

Having witnessed another case where, tragically, the dog didn’t survive, the vets are warning other owners about the potentially deadly dangers balls can pose.

‘Never let your dog play with a ball that’s small enough to obstruct the throat, and also watch if it runs after someone else’s ball at a park.

‘If a ball does get stuck, then don’t try and get it out.

‘Just get the dog to a vet immediately.’

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