Moscow plot obliterated as Ukraine shoots down 15 drones heading for Kyiv

Ukraine: 14th Mechanized Brigade mortar units fire at Russian forces

Russia’s latest plot to bomb Ukraine was last night in tatters after 15 drones heading for Kyiv were taken out of the sky.

Ukraine’s air defences managed to intercept the devices between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the country’s military confirmed.

The forces were able to “detect and destroy nearly 15 aerial targets”, according to Sergey Popko, Kyiv’s military administration.

Writing on Telegram, Popko described the devices as Iranian-made Shahed drones, produced using Western technology Tehran had stolen.

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This morning’s attempted bombing was the 820th air alert since the Moscow invasion, Popko continued.

It last around three hours, he said.

Popko added: “According to the information available at the moment, there were no casualties or damage in the capital.”

Less than 24 hours earlier, Ukraine’s army was again foiling their Russian counterparts, shooting down 10 drones headed for Kyiv.

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Falling debris causing minor damage to buildings.

In July, Dr Jade McGlynn, research fellow in War Studies at King’s College London, told Euronews of how Russia was deliberately “terror bombing” civilians in a bid to “break their will” to fight.

She added: “The purpose is to make Ukrainians feel unsafe and place them under considerable psychological pressure.

“It’s terrorism.”

Earlier today, Russia claimed it had shot down six Ukrainian drones targeting Moscow.

In a statement, the country’s defence ministry said its forces had “prevented overnight an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack with drones over the Kaluga region”.

According to Vyacheslav Chapcha, Kaluga’s governor, the drones were intercepted over his region but that was not their final destination.

No “victims or damages” came as a result, the ministry added.

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