MPs demand special medal and £162k pay out when they’re booted out

Useless MPs declared they should be handed a “medal of service” and a six-figure payout when they leave office.

A brazen cross-party group of politicians wants us to adopt a German-style system where MPs can receive up to £162,000 when voters boot them out.

And they even want the Commons to consider presenting departing MPs with a thank-you medal at a special reception with family and friends.

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The Commons Administration Committee claims being rejected at the ballot box by fed-up voters can be an “emotional and traumatic experience” and MPs should get a load of perks to cushion the blow.

Committee chair Sir Charles Walker said the role of an MP “is a noble enterprise, and one that should be defended, encouraged and recognised”.

He added: “It is vital that MPs receive the support they need to do – and leave – their jobs well.”

The committee’s recommendations will be handed to Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle and the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), the body that decides MPs’ pay.

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James Roberts, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, blasted the idea last night.

He said: “Taxpayers would take a dim view of washed-up politicians being rewarded with a medal.

“Being elected to Parliament should be privilege enough.”

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