Mum forced to spend £2k on purifier to stop ‘rotten flesh and faeces’ smell

A mum-of-two has installed the same air purification system used in the White House to protect her children from the smells created by a landfill site that, she says, fills her home with the smell of rotten flesh.

Suzi Stringer, aged 40, from Newcastle, lives close to Walleys Quarry Landfill, Newcastle Under Lyme.

She claims the site produces a smell so bad that she said she hadn't slept properly in three years, until she got the air purifier – which set her back £2,000.

Suzi said that before she got it she was "at my wit's end," and even tried to sell her home because of the issue.

She told the Stoke Sentinel: "We all had frequent headaches, coughs, nose bleeds and nausea. My baby had never slept through the night, and she is now 16 months old.

"The night after the system was installed, I had my first full night’s sleep in over three years. I don’t have a constant sore throat, my children sleep better and the smell is no longer trapped in my home."

"My mental and physical health has suffered greatly due to the quarry," she added, stating furthermore that she now at least has some respite.

Suzi moved to Silverdale with her husband Dan in 2016 and she got involved with the "Stop the Stink" campaign two years later.

She says the couple tried to sell their house at the start of last year but then Dan lost his job due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Suzi has had the air purification system installed in her loft which cleans the air through a ceiling diffuser grill with a speed controller fitted in the airing cupboard.

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Suzi added: "The smell from the site steadily got worse and has continued to invade our home. On the day my daughter was born we had one of the worst weekends of stench. I bought my daughter home to a house that smelt of rotten eggs and faeces.

"I was driven to despair with the smell as my stepdaughter and my baby used to cough every night. On numerous occasions I’ve packed up my family into the car in the early hours to escape the smell.

"We even tried to sell our house, but with my husband losing his job during the pandemic we were left in an impossible situation."

Residents today won a High Court legal challenge against the Environment Agency (EA) over the noxious smells from Walleys Quarry.

The case was being brought by the family of five-year-old Mathew Richards, after a medical expert claimed that the pollution is shortening his life.

The EA must now do more to control the emissions.

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