Mum gifted ornament meant to ‘mark death’ by daughter

A young mum has said she will sleep with one eye open after one of them bought her a birthday present with a death message on it accidentally.

Hayleigh Austin was opening carefully-wrapped birthday presents from her children on Tuesday, September 14, when she got a bit of a shock.

The 33-year-old had already been gifted an ornamental elephant and a bottle of gin from two of her daughters, Sophea and Kaytlyn.

When she got to the third, from her 10-year-old daughter Jesyka, she tore off the paper to find a candle in her favourite scent, vanilla.

She read a heartfelt message designed for remembering 'a life so beautifully lived, a heart so deeply loved' and realised the candle was intended as a memorial ornament, to mark a death rather than a birthday.

She laughed at the message but has admitted that she has the candle's text facing the wall and is slightly sheepish about lighting it.

The mum, from Great Bardfield, Essex, joked: "I guess I'll be sleeping with one eye open [from now on].

"I think there was an ulterior motive – they were going to get me drunk, hit me over the head with the elephant, bury me and light the candle in memory.

"The candle is currently sitting on my bedroom side with the words facing the wall. Jesyka did say I could turn the bow round and not look at the words.

"I feel safe enough lighting it at some point, I'm not too superstitious."

The mum shared the hilarious mishap on social media where it quickly went viral, racking up more than 4,000 likes, shares and comments.

Her post reads: "Today is my birthday and my wonderful husband took our kids out to let them choose their own present which was super sweet.

"Three-year-old chose an elephant ornament as she said it matched my bedroom.

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"Six-year-old chose gin coz in her words 'you're always drinking gin'.

"And 10-year-old bought me my favourite scent of candle which I thought smelt amazing until I read the words on the front.

"Guess I'll be sleeping with one eye open tonight and the husband learnt the valuable lesson of always checking the kids' choice of presents."

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Hayleigh continued to say that her 34-year-old electrical engineer hubby Ricky Austin, took the girls shopping for the gifts.

"Ricky had no idea until it came to wrapping it up the night before my birthday. He's last-minute so by the time he did notice it, it was too late then," she wrote.

"Jesyka was so determined to give me the candle because she knows that I love vanilla, so he wrapped it up.

"We're quite a jokey, light-hearted family so he knew I'd see the funny side of it."

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