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A MOTHER had the fright of her life when her toddler revealed voices were speaking to him through his baby monitor at night.

The American influencer Kurin Adele took to TikTok to share the terrifying story that left her and her husband believing they were the victims of a creepy hacking.

In the recent video, which has garnered over 6.3million views and thousands of comments, the momtoker told of how her young son was begging to have his Owlet baby camera unplugged.

"I have noticed that for the past couple of weeks to a couple of months, he has been unplugging his camera," she said.

"My son starts crying 'I don't want my camera plugged in, someone talks to me at night and it scares me'".

Shocked, Kurin explained: "me and my husband do not talk to him through the camera so he definitely has not ben us.

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"Me and my husband looked at each other completely terrified and we reassured him we would not be plugging his camera in and that he was safe."

The Washington-based creator then claimed that they immediately rushed to change the password as they use the same camera in their daughters room too.

However, a notification allegedly appears that said: "this password appeared in a data leak, which puts your account at high risk of compromise."

She continued: "Who the heck knows how long someone had our password and has been messing with my son – owlet never notified us.

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"And the only we didn't figure out about this sooner was our son thought he was talking to us and telling him it was his mom and dad."

The couple, now deeply disturbed at being victims of an alleged hacking, are encouraging others to get rid of any Wifi-connecting baby monitors and instead purchase brands that don't use the internet.

"People are are hacking into baby monitors left and right and its terrifying," she claimed.

In a recent follow-up video, the influencer explained that she has reached out to Owlet, who have said they will "look into it further".

She hopes to find those responsible and also to share the alleged danger with other parents.

Concerned TikTok uses flooded the comments with their thoughts on the spooky incident.

One wrote: "10th video I have seen of a baby monitor getting hacked".

Another claimed: "This same thing happened with our owlet camera. I was walking past my sons room and i heard someone telling him to “calm down buddy.. it’s ok”.

"THAT'S SO SCARY! I'm so sorry mama," a third added.

One more responded: "I refuse to have cameras in my kids rooms. Anything can get hacked."

A spokesperson from Owlet told The Sun Online: "We are aware of the reported concerns regarding the Owlet Cam and suggested password leak. Owlet has and is conducting its own investigation of the report."

They explained that the pop-up that stated Kurin's password had been compromised was from iOS and not from Owlet itself.

"Owlet does not store user passwords. We are in communication with the customer in order to do a more thorough review of the reported incident.

"Based on our initial investigation, Owlet has found zero confirmed cases of the Cam or our data being breached or the security compromised.

"It’s worth noting that any customer’s online profile can be vulnerable if a user has not set up an appropriately secure password or if they are using the same password across multiple accounts."

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