National Margarita Day 2021: When is it and how to celebrate

NATIONAL Margarita Day is one of the most popular culinary holidays on the planet.

Millions of people take part in the savory and festive tradition.

When is National Margarita Day?

National Margarita Day takes place on February 22 every year.

It takes place on a Monday in 2021.

How is National Margarita Day celebrated?

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the best way to celebrate National Margarita Day is to make your own.

"A margarita is basically a vacation in a glass, so take advantage of this spirited holiday and mix up your own cocktail from home this week," encourages Travel & Leisure.

The magazine provides instructions for how to make the tasty cocktail.

"To start, you'll need tequila, fresh limes, agave (or simple) syrup or triple sec, a shaker, a jigger, glasses, and salt if you'd like to rim your glass," according to the magazine.

"There are countless margarita recipes out there, but the Cointreau Original Margarita recipe keeps things simple with a  2-1-1 ratio: two ounces blanco tequila, one ounce Cointreau, a French orange liqueur, and one ounce lime juice, all shaken together and strained over ice into a glass with a salted rim."

The magazine adds "to rim your glass, rub a wedge of lime around the edge, then roll it in the salt."

The magazine recommends Espolon Tequilla Blanco and Olmeca Altos Tequilla Plata.

There are of course many different kinds of margaritas, depending on what mood your taste buds are in.

What deals are offered on National Margarita Day?

There are deals to be had on the tasty drink holiday.

Chili's offers $3 house margaritas, $5 Presidente and $7 premium margaritas, according to USA Today.

Texas-based Chuy's have all-day drink specials on February 22.

House margaritas are just $2.22 at Miller's Ale House, located in New Jersey, Florida, and many other states.

Twin Peaks, another Texas-based chain, and multiple other establishments are offering special deals as well.

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