New weather chart shows the exact dates snow will hit Brits this month

Brits will see more snow on the way, according to the latest weather forecast.

WXCharts details the exact dates Britons can expect to see the white stuff again.

There are three days in mid-November where as much as 2.5cm of snow could fall every single day consecutively – proving it'll be a bitterly cold week ahead.

The weather agency predicts the first flurries will hit from the early hours of Tuesday, November 16.

From their forecast, the snow is likely to fall below Inverness in northern Scotland, with a large area under the potential radar.

By lunchtime, Edinburgh and a few miles below, are set to see the same fate, as downpours batter large areas of the north.

However, the snow forecast expands y the evening with areas est of Aberdeen now included and the original snow circle expanding.

The same area will see snow over the three days – but that's not all, as some areas in northern England are also at risk.

On Wednesday, November 17, the weather agency predicts north of Manchester and North Wales will set the white stuff, with Inverness in Scotland still affected.

Also, small areas of Northern Ireland and a patch below Dublin may join in with seeing snowfall too.

The snow isn't likely to stick around and may get washed away with the rain sweeping in from the Atlantic.

Scotland is the most probable at receiving the highest number of snow over that week. But it'll slowly dwindle down as temperatures see a brief incline, with no snow warnings for the UK over the weekend.

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Unfortunately, the south isn't likely to join in, and instead will endure a wet and soggy few days, with several bands of rain making their way across the country.

In some places almost 3cm of rain may fall, as most of the south is covered in a weather front making its way eastwards torwards Germany and Iceland.

Scotland will not only have snow, but heavier downpours, and as much as 5cm is set to lash Brits throughout the same period, which may hinder the snow settling.

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