‘No one will vote for Le Pen in 2nd round’ Zemmour issues damning French election forecast

Eric Zemmour believes he can ‘defeat’ Emmanuel Macron

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Ahead of the first round of the French presidential election, Eric Zemmour warned voters that Marine Le Pen is not the right choice as she would not get sufficient support from other parties and votes to win the second round against Emmanuel Macron. Mr Zemmour said to French broadcast TV channel CNews that he alone can defeat President Macron. The far-right candidate warned: “If Madame Le Pen is in the second round, no one will call to vote for her”, as he presented himself as the only viable option to defeat Macron.

“I’m bringing together the Republican Party (LR) and the National Rally (RN).

“So, I think I’m the only one who can bring together all these electorates and therefore defeat Emmanuel Macron.”

TV anchor Laurence Ferrari cut him off, saying: “Marion Maréchal said she would vote for her yesterday at your meeting.”

Marion Maréchal, Marine Le Pen’s niece, defected from her aunt’s National Rally (RN) party to join Eric Zemmour’s Reconquest Party in March alongside other former RN members in hopes Mr Zemmour could launch a more successful presidential bid.

Several members of the Republican Party (LR) followed suit.

According to the latest polls, only four percent points separate the two candidates, with President Macron still winning the second round with 52 percent of the votes against 48 percent for Ms Le Pen.

A second-round opposing President Macron and Mr Zemmour would see Macron beating Zemmour with 62 percent of the votes.

Citing yesterday’s political rally in Paris, Mr Zemmour said: “You saw this fervour, this enthusiasm.

“5,500 young people who came to the Palais des Sports. Another triumph.

“And in three-quarters of an hour, you hear me, three-quarters of an hour, there were 5,000 registrations. Nobody else did that in the campaign.”

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Mr Zemmour’s Reconquest campaign has targeted a young electoral base with a youth wing, Generation Z, aimed at energising the youth electorate.

A controversial YouTube video announcing his candidacy attracted over 2.6 million views and was relayed on almost all French TV channels in early December when Mr Zemmour overtook Ms Le Pen in the polls and seemed a likely candidate to face off Macron.

He has since been dropping in the polls and now polls at 11.3 percent behind hard-left rival Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Since January, President Macron and Ms Le Pen have secured their first and second position for the first and second rounds, according to polls.

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“And the youth chanted anything but Macron”, noted TV host Laurence Ferrari.

Mr Zemmour responded: “Ah, among others. Not only that. But above all they chanted we love you Zemmour president.

“Anything but Macron, that’s a real political message”, Ms Ferrari said.

Mr Zemmour said: “We’ll see in the second round. For the moment, the message of this meeting was Zemmour president, not ‘anything but Macron’.

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