North Korea ‘copy and paste war planes into pics’ in bizarre propaganda stunt

Strange propaganda from North Korea's air force has shown the country copied and pasted extra planes into doctored images, new analysis has shown.

Pyongyang boasted of 150 planes taking part in an exercise last Thursday which demonstrated the "might of the people's air force", which is actually much smaller than first thought.

Photos that showcase the "matchless bravery and indomitable fighting spirit" are said to have been doctored, with some plains apparently copied and pasted to make up poor numbers.

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Thorsten Beck, photo analysis expert at the HEADT Centre in Berlin, Germany, filed the images through a clone detection software and found "elements" that had been "cloned".

Beck said: "Whoever created or manipulated these pictures certainly had some command of Photoshop. It does not look amateurish, but the composition, the purpose and nature of the manipulation speak a different language.

"Partly because the images dramatise the power of North Korea’s air force, they appear somehow too good to be true and that creates a funny effect in some of the images."

Of the photos, one in particular stood out to Beck, an image that supposedly showcased 30 warplanes.

Beck said of the photo: "It's worth noting here that the planes don't change size toward the viewer, despite their different heights and distances."

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That odd perfection to many of the images Beck put into the cloning machine was cause for concern, revealing that the images were "too good to be true" and, therefore, falsified.

He added: "It also looks like they all have the same sharpness – no matter how far they are away. The image looks very artfully composed, almost too good to be true.

"In clone analysis you can see which groups show similarity, and my visual analysis largely coincides with this.

"In summary, copied elements are likely in many of the images – even if visual analysis cannot give absolute certainty."

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