‘One in two million’ bright blue lobster caught by ‘lucky’ fishermen

A very lucky fisherman has caught an exceptionally rare "one in two million" bright blue lobster off the coast of Maine, in the US.

The news was shared on Twitter by tech entrepreneur Lars-Johan Larsson on Sunday.

He wrote: "This blue Lobster was caught off the coast of Portland yesterday and returned to the water to continue to grow. Blue lobsters are one in two million."

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Blue lobsters get this colour because of a genetic abnormality which causes an over-production of the protein crustacyanin.

Matt Lewis pulled in another of the rare creatures off the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales last week, the Western Telegraph reported.

“While we catch various dark blue and colour variants, I was surprised to see such a blue lobster,” he told the paper.

He gave the animal to the Ocean Lab in Goodwick, where it will go on display in Sea Trust’s Sea Mor aquarium before being returned to the water in the winter.

Fishermen who come across one believe it to be a sign of good luck and usually do not eat it.

Lobsters are generally brown or grey in colour, providing camouflage against the rocky sea bed.

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Just like all lobsters, the blue lobster will turn bright red when cooked.

In April last year, Tom Lambourn was stunned when he opened his lobster pot aboard boat 'My Lass' to find the vivid crustacean inside while commercial fishing off Penzance, Cornwall.

The 25-year-old, from Newlyn, photographed the 12ins European lobster, Latin name Homarus gammarus, before letting it go as it was too small to take home.

Tom said: "With every pot you never know what is going to be inside, and I've certainly never seen one that colour before.

"This is only my second fishing season so I think I've been very lucky."

Ben Marshall, National Lobster Hatchery supervisor, said: "It is very, very rare and very interesting to see a blue lobster."


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