Outdoor Regional Partnerships Initiative announces latest round of grants to protect Colorado's outdoors

Gov. Jared Polis, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Great Outdoors Colorado announced the latest group of recipients for the Outdoor Regional Partnerships Initiative grant program on Tuesday.

The program, established by an executive order signed by Polis, aims to foster collaboration among stakeholders to safeguard Colorado’s lands and waters and preserve its outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Regional Partnerships Initiative represents a community-driven approach to shaping the future of Colorado’s outdoors, ensuring long-term sustainability and equitable access.

By bringing together conservation and outdoor recreation interests, local government and land managers, this initiative hopes to address challenges and advance strategies for balancing the conservation and recreation of the state’s natural resources.

“When organizations and individuals work together on behalf of public and private lands and waters, it ensures communities are healthy, livable and prosperous for future generations,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife Director Jeff Davis in a news release.

This grant cycle doubles the amount of funding invested in the Outdoor Regional Partnerships, totaling $3 million. Another round of grants will be made available in the fall.

“Ensuring a future for Colorado’s outdoors requires the expertise of communities across our great state, who have a deep understanding of critical natural resources and recreation opportunities in the regions they call home,” said Great Outdoors Colorado Executive Director Jackie Miller in the release.

After this round, there are now 16 regional partnerships spanning various regions of Colorado. These partnerships tackle a wide range of issues, including wilderness areas and trail system management, camping management, funding and climate resilience.

The grant recipients includes Metro Denver Nature Alliance, dedicated to expanding nature access, and NoCo PLACES 2050, dedicated to combating issues presented to nature in the face of growing visitation rates.

Both programs represent areas that include Boulder County.

Each recipient organization received varying amounts of funding, ranging from $75,000 to $250,000.

These grants will support a wide range of activities, including planning, outreach, research, data analysis and public meetings. The goal is to develop comprehensive conservation and recreation plans that address the specific needs and priorities of each region.

For more details on the Outdoor Regional Partnerships Initiative and the grant recipients, interested parties can visit the Regional Partnerships Initiative page at https://cpw.state.co.us/aboutus/Pages/Regional-Partnerships-Initiative.aspx.

“Colorado’s world-class outdoors is home to unique wildlife, natural resources and exciting recreation opportunities,” Polis said in the release. “Through the Regional Partnerships Initiative, we are working across sectors and levels of government to expand and support conservation efforts to ensure our outdoors are preserved for the future.”

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