Outrage as ‘reckless’ mum leaves her baby in pram on the beach

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Walkers were left shocked after finding a baby abandoned in a pram at a popular seaside down while their mother went to a cafe for a coffee. The baby was found abandoned in the pram, not far from the water’s edge, with a handwritten note from the mother reading: “Please do not approach, the child is sleeping”. The mother in question was nowhere to be seen, so the authorities were called to investigate. The incident took place in Kolobrzeg, Poland.

Once police arrived at the scene, they began searching the area and were surprised to discover the mother drinking a cup of coffee in a cafe approximately 100 metres from the pram.

According to the officers present, the mother “downplayed” her actions and was calm about the situation, reports the Mirror.

Arkadiusz Kowalski, head of the prevention department of the Police Headquarters in Kolobrzeg said: “The sent patrol determined that the cart was indeed parked by the sea, on the edge of the beach. It was determined that the child’s mother was in a nearby cafe drinking coffee.

“The lady was calm and thought nothing had happened. She downplayed this case very much.”

The mother claimed that the child was not in danger as she maintained a good view of the pram from the cafe.

Kowalski added: “We could have avoided a tragedy. It was a reckless action of this lady, a gust of wind could overturn the stroller or the wave could wash it away.”

Officers were adamant that if it had not been for the intervention of the passers-by, a tragedy could have happened.

She has since been reported to the family court. People in Poland were outraged at the mother’s actions, with one person saying on Twitter : “This woman was definitely not mentally sound.”

Another wrote: “I’m waiting for someone to spend this energy on instilling what parenthood is all about and that you can’t do it without responsibility”, while another shocked onlooker said: “In France, a few years ago there was an identical situation, with the difference that the mother left the child to die and left. The child drowned.

“At the trial, she couldn’t explain her gesture.”

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