Over 13k people evacuated from German city after unexploded WWII bomb is found

Over 13,000 people had to be evacuated from a German city after unexploded World War II bombs were found.

Firefighters confirmed a whopping 500kg of bombs were discovered, as thousands of people were evacuated from their homes while they were diffused.

Emergency services were on hand to close off the roads and give a 500 metre space between the bomb site and a safe place to stand as they were deactivated.

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The US-made bomb was reportedly found in the German city of Düsseldorf, with public transport delayed and interrupted by the potentially deadly find, which are a regular sighting in Germany.

Construction sights and other excavations regularly dig up unexploded World War II bombs, and the find here saw 13,000 people temporarily evacuate their homes.

Long distance trains as well as local bus and tram lines were halted as firefighters closed in on the location of the bomb.

It is believed this particular bomb was found near to a zoo, with a fire department statement confirming the bomb had thankfully been found and defused, DW reported.

An action for evacuation was confirmed by the emergency services, and updates on procedure were offered up throughout the night as thousands were told to leave their homes.

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A statement read: "The device was discovered during construction work in the Dusseltal area. Authorities have ordered all residents within a 500-meter (0.31-mile) radius of the bomb's location".

The statement also noted disruption to travel could carry on through the night, with 13,000 individuals transported a safe distance away from the bombs.

It is not the first time a massive bomb has been found inside the streets of Germany, with another 13,000 people evacuated in a separate find back in 2020 when a British bomb was dug up.

The following year, a WWII-era bomb, found on a Munich building site, exploded and injured four people.

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