Overdue book returned to library after 44 years with apologetic note and cash

Library staff were left stunned after receiving a package containing one of its children's books which was overdue by more than four decades.

The Deschutes Public Library, in Oregon, US, said a copy of The Hockey Trick by Scott Corbett had been handed back to them with a check for $20 (£17) and an apologetic note.

"Many apologies," the note read. "This book was probably due in the late 1970s. Please accept this token of apology."

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Bosses took to Facebook to share the remarkable tale. They later discovered the due date stamped inside the book was April 25 1979.

A Facebook post read: "It's National Return Borrowed Books Week and do we have a story for you.

"We received a package that included this 1974 copy of The Hockey Trick along with a sweet note explaining that the book had been checked out roughly 45 years ago. It was like getting a literary time capsule! Many thanks to the person who sent this to us (we are keeping them anonymous).

"And remember: we do not charge late fees on books (though there is a replacement fee for lost items), so now would be a good time to gather up any late items and send them back our way."

But it's perhaps not the most bizarre library-related story we have told this week. In Hong Kong, a woman was filmed browsing bookshelves wearing nothing but a face mask.

The woman who was being hunted by police was slammed by internet critics who called her out for a lack of "traditional moral ethics".


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