Plastic bags full of bodies found in Mexican highway ditch in major drug war

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    Dozens of bodies were found piled into plastic bags in a horror find at the side of a Mexican highway as part of a grisly drug war.

    A total of 49 dead bodies were found, mutilated and stuffed into bin bags at the side of a road, with heads, hands and feet all hacked off of men and women.

    The disturbing discoveries, made on this day in 2012, mark one of the most horrific killing sprees of the drug cartel wars in Mexico, with local and federal authorities rushing to action at the time.

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    Rival gangs gunning for control in Monterrey, Mexico and United States border left 43 men and half a dozen women's bodies dumped in a pit.

    Such a horrifying haul prompted the military to intervene, while Jorge Domene, the at-the-time public security spokesperson for Nuevo Leon, where the bodies were found, said there were tough tasks ahead.

    One difficult task was identifying the bodies, and due to the lack of hands, heads and feet, some bodies were unable to be identified immediately.

    Instead they were taken to a Monterrey auditorium for DNA analysis, FoxNews reported at the time.

    Victims were reportedly killed two days before they were found, in a completely separate location, before they were transferred to San Juan and subsequently Monterrey.

    Some bodies were in a brutal condition, with police saying decomposing limbs and bodies were found among those in the pile, with some of the dead potentially border-crossing civilians.

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    A security expert speaking of the horrific attack at the time, Raul Benitez Manaut, said it was the "most definitive of all the cartel wars" Mexico had seen.

    The infamous Zetas cartel are believed to be behind the dumping of so many bodies, with a spray-painted segment of a white rock at the site reading "100% Zeta" in black letters.

    Horrific murders and grim injuries are closely associated with the Zetas cartel, with The Daily Star reporting the gruesome end to one of their members.

    Paraded around by hitmen before being burnt alive, one Zetas cartel member was executed as a crowd cried out "Go f*** Zeta bastard piece of shit."

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