Police officer mistaken for stripper after coming to break up swingers sex party

A sex party for 20 couples at a farm located in Sierra de Los Padres, Mar del Plata, some 250 miles south of the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires was raided by police after their received reports that the event was breaching lockdown conditions.

The group of married couples had paid the organisers for a "sexual tour" that included accommodation, meals and "several nights of fun," according to local reports.

Unfortunately for the lockdown-busting party guests, a disgruntled swinger who had not been invited to the proceedings called the police to notify them about the swingers’ event.

Even more unfortunately for the couples that had paid for a long weekend of adult entertainment, the coppers that interrupted proceedings at about 10pm on January 8 were decidedly not on the menu.

"When they saw us they thought we were part of the show. [They assumed] we were strippers," one of the attending officers told a reporter from local news site Infobae.

One of the women who was at the event reportedly stopped one of the officers as he entered the building and told him he had "lovely eyes" and made her "feel hot".

All the guests were asked to provide identification and cited under Section 205 of the Argentine Criminal Code which covers breaches of the epidemic containment guidelines.

The organiser of the party is expected to have to pay a significant fine.

This bizarre case of mistaken identity is a surprisingly common event. In 2016 PCSO Mike Ober checked on an open door at a social club in Bradford-on-Avon and was greeted by a group of women who "went wild with excitement" because they thought he was a stripogram.

And, just last month, police officers who tried to break up an all-male sex party in a room above a Brussels bar were mistaken for part of the entertainment and propositioned by several of the guests.

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