Pop star mum watches Pornhub with teenage sons to ‘educate them’ but is slammed for bizarre ritual

A POPSTAR mum says she "educates" her teen sons about sex by regularly watching porn with them.

When it comes to parenting, Yuni Shara, 49, throws the rules out the window.

The famous Indonesian singer revealed she watches x-rated content with her two boys, Cavin Obrient Salomo Siahaan and Cello Obient Siahaan, in order to teach them about the dos and don'ts of sex in real life.

Yuni, whose real name is Wahyu Setyaning Budi, says she refuses to be old-fashioned and wants to encourage her sons to be more open-minded.

So boundary-busting is Yuni that she even asks if the boys enjoying watching porn together.

"So, I think it’s better if I ask them, 'What do you guys think about watching (porn) together like this, is it cool?', and they’ll be like 'Mom, don’t be like this,'" she recently revealed in a interview uploaded to YouTube.

Kris Dayanti, the singer's younger sister, praised her sister's parenting techniques and said it was important young'uns get proper sex ed.

"My children also happen to be open-minded," Yuni is heard saying.

"It’s impossible for our children nowadays to not watch porn, whether it’s 'anime' or any other kind that are available nowadays."

Agstried Piether, a psychology expert, told Indonesian news outlet Antara that the 49-year-old icon was doing the "right thing".

"When we see the kids watching pornographic movies, no matter how uncomfortable the situation is, we should never be angry, because they will only do it again in secret," he explained.

"Through these discussions, parents can provide factual sex education based on their knowledge, and not based on porn films."

But others aren't so fond of Yuni's unique parental techniques.

One social media called it "F***ing creepy", another suggested that "some journeys must be travelled alone".

Sex is a taboo topic in some Asian cultures and can be frowned-upon when brought up in discussions with family.

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