Prankster plasters pictures of her face on her fiancé’s PlayStation after he spends too long playing Call of Duty

A PRANKSTER plastered pictures of herself on her fiancé’s PlayStation.

Siobhan Giles, 25, also covered his controllers after Sam Baddams, 28, spent hours on Call of Duty.

The sales assistant, from Washington, Tyne and Wear, said: “He's on it all the time – it's his pride and joy.

“The PlayStation is like his first born.

“I thought 'there’s only one way to make sure I'm always on his mind'.

“I ordered the vinyl stickers on eBay.

“I uploaded a picture of myself, put in the make and model of the console and they sent them out.

“I couldn’t believe how good they looked.

“I was worried he’d think I’d ruined the PlayStation."

Customer services worker Sam took it in good spirits – but has been repeatedly ribbed by his pals.

He said: "I thought it was hilarious, to be honest.

“It's nothing I'm not used to.

“Siobhan's always making jokes like this.

“I've been absolutely tortured for it by my mates.

“They were all laughing their heads off. I'll still be playing on the PlayStation just as much, but I'll have Siobhan's face looking back at me.

“I might get some payback. Her birthday is coming up."

Siobhan recently ordered customised wrapping paper featuring her face for Sam's birthday presents.

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