Prince Charles ‘at the end of his tether’ with Prince Harry, warns royal expert

Prince Charles is at the end of his tether with Prince Harry and the Duke is drinking in the last chance saloon, according to a royal expert.

The claims come after palace staff allegedly accused Prince Harry of "breathtaking arrogance" following a US TV interview where the Duke claimed he wanted to "protect" the Queen.

During a conversation on the Today programme, the Duke was seen awkwardly dodging a question on whether he missed his brother Prince William and father Prince Charles.

He also claimed that he hopes to ensure the Queen has "the right people around her" and that he speaks with the monarch "about things she can't talk about with anybody else".

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex secretly flew to the UK last Thursday (14 April) to have a face-to-face with the Queen and also caught up with Prince Charles.

Robert Jobson, co-author of the book Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, has claimed that Prince Charles agreed to the meeting under the promise that "nothing would be said of him whatsoever on American TV."

Talking to GB News, Jobson said: "Prince Charles has reached the end of his tether, they haven't been in contact and had they have started blurting about that meeting, that would have been the end of it."

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He claimed that Harry arrived late for the meeting, continuing: "All families have problems, but you don't go blurting off to your next door neighbour as soon as you've had a meeting.

"Prince Charles thought if these conversations are out in public then I'm not putting up with it and he's drinking at the last chance saloon."

Prince Harry has also been accused of "wanting to move back to the UK" and told to "stay away" by disgruntled royal fans after the Duke said his home is in the US "for the time being".

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During the Today interview, Harry said: "Home for me now is, for the time being, it's in the States. And it really feels that way as well.

"We've been welcomed with open arms and we've got such a great community up in Santa Barbara."

Royal fans have been reading in to the Duke's comments and claimed it shows Harry and Meghan want to move back to the UK.

One fan wrote: "It’s so obvious that they want back they can’t cut it in America without the royal connections everyone has snubbed them from celebrities to the president.

"They are probably hoping the Queen will make another statement that she wants the Sussex’s back in the firm."

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