Prince George’s Christmas tradition with William ‘at risk of being cancelled’

Prince George faces heartbreak this festive season as the Christmas tradition he enjoys with his father is likely to get cancelled this year.

The young royal usually heads off with his father Prince William for the annual Boxing Day hunt.

The shoot tends to take place in the summer and is called Balmoral's Glorious Twelfth, but was reportedly cancelled due to the colder than normal temperatures relating to fewer animal births.

The Duke of Cambridge is known to have a passion for hunting while remaining a strong advocate for animal conservation, writes The Sun.

The Royal Family has already scrapped one Christmas tradition.

The Queen cancelled her pre-Christmas family gathering at Windsor Castle due to the surging numbers of Omicron numbers in the UK.

It's understood the cancellation for the lunch was taken as a precaution, with a source suggesting it could put too many people's festive arranges at risk if it were to go ahead.

It's believed plans were fully in place for the party, which the 95-year-old hosts each year for her extended family.

This is the second year running the monarch has had to cancel the event due to the ongoing Covid pandemic,

Kate and William's children may enjoy two Christmas celebrations each year, spending time with the Queen in Norfolk, as well as enjoying the traditional festivities.

Etiquette expert and former royal butler Grant Harrold explained how the Royal Family do things a little differently when it comes to opening presents.

Mr Harrold said: “The kids still get to spend Christmas morning like, hopefully, every other kid in the country and get to open their presents on Christmas morning.

“With the royals, Christmas more than anything for the Queen is very much about having the family together.

“Having that time with them all, spending time with the grandkids and the great-grandkids, and having that little tradition of the fun Christmas gifts with the afternoon tea.

“And then they have I suppose you’d call it a ‘Christmas dinner’ as they have a big dinner in the evening, but then the next day they have a lunch.”

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