Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘facing hard’ year ahead with ‘real wake up call’

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry face a "hard" year ahead with the birth of their second child, which will be a "real wake up call," for the couple, a relationship expert told Daily Star.

Releasing an image of themselves laying on the grass smiling up at one another, Meghan and Harry let the world know Archie Mountbatten-Windsor will soon be a big brother.

The couple have been raising one-year-old Archie in California, where they own a multi-million dollar house, following their split from the Royal Family.

Prince Harry and Meghan have been quick to gush about being parents in several interviews, but life could soon be getting a lot "harder" as they prepare for the arrival of their second.

Relationship expert Carole Ann Rice told Daily Star having two children is "double as hard" as one" and is a "real wake up call".

Both mum and dad are likely to experience "tiredness, exhaustion," and "time" management issues, Ms Rice told the Star, as they grapple with a new member of the family.

She said the birth of a second child does "change things" as "there much more work" and not as much "time for mum and dad."

Ms Rice said: "Having had two children, I would say quite simply that if you think one is hard, it’s not a bit harder having a second one – it’s double as hard.

"I think it’s a real wake up call, because after having one child you think “wow it’s taken everything out of me”, then when you have a second one, anything that was left of you is now gone – tiredness, time, exhaustion, everything."

The relationship expert added that a second child is a lot of commitment and suggests the coupling is on for "the long haul".

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She said: "You’re also looking at paying more for tables out, and for things in general – it does change things because basically you’re on the long haul now – one might be starting school, then you have one at home, then both at school and one at high school and one at primary school, so it does change.

"There’s much more work, and not as much time for Mum and Dad."

Meghan’s pregnancy announcement came weeks after the Duchess penned a powerful article in The Times about her experience with miscarriage.

Tragically, she wrote: "As I clutched my first born, I knew I was losing my second".

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