Prince Harry ‘being naughty’ to upstage big brother William, claims royal expert

Prince Harry's biographer – who once gave the Duke glowing reviews – has claimed he now wants to be "more important" than the heir to the throne Prince William..

Royal author Angela Levin blasted the Duke of Sussex in an interview with the Sun after the climate change advocate flew home from a polo match on a rich pal's private jet.

Broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer said Angela once spoke about Harry in "glowing terms" but now she claims that the royal often shows off for the paparazzi in a bid for more attention.

Explaining her change of heart, Angela said: "When he was at Eton, he hated being there, and he decided he was going to be with the bad boys.

"I think Harry has got this streak – a lot of us have, but we put it to one side – of being bad and showing off.

"He is also wanting to be more important than William.

"He's got the ability now to say and do things that probably he could never do before, and he's enjoying being naughty."

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The news comes shortly after the author slammed the Duke for his decision to release a tell-all memoir.

Speaking to GB News last month, Levin said: "I think he'll go as far as he possibly can. I don't think there are any more boundaries for him.

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"I think that's a huge problem for the royals because it's like somebody has been caged.

"He said he felt trapped and now he's got his freedom and my goodness, is he going to take revenge. I think that's a very important part of what he wants to do.

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"However I was told by someone who was well-informed that a lot of it would be about Diana and her death and the people he didn't like surrounding that.

"That very well might be the rest of his family.

"I think the public will get quite exacerbated by endless interviews or words about how badly he's been treated and how awful they are yet in the meantime want to have Lilibet Diana baptised in Windsor.

"It's a case of eating your cake and having it."

The Daily Star has contacted representatives of Prince Harry for a comment.

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