Prince Harry's memoir mocked with new 'Spare Us!' parody memoir

Prince Harry’s memoir is mocked with the release of ‘frostbite-and-all’ biography ‘Spare Us! A Harrody’ that promises to go ‘deep inside the castle walls’

  • A new parody of Prince Harry’s autobiography will be released next month 

Prince Harry’s controversial memoir ‘Spare’ is set to be mocked next month when a new parody version entitled ‘Spare Us! A Harrody’ which promises to go ‘deep inside the castle walls’. 

Since Harry released his ‘tell all’ autobiography in January he has been criticised in some quarters for revealing too much with revelations made in the book including that he smeared lipstick on his frostbitten ‘todger’ in the Arctic and lost his virginity in a field. 

The front cover of the new book directly mocks the cover of the original featuring a picture of the prince’s face with tape over the mouth. 

It is expected to make light Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s expectation of privacy whilst simultaneously seeking publicity. 

The new book entitled ‘Spare Us: A Harrody’ is due to be published next month 

It claims it will be a parody of Prince Harry’s best selling autobiography Spare 

According to Waterstones the new parody book will cost £10 and be released on April 6

It is set to be published by Hachette, who also released a series of Enid Blyton parodies. 

Their book description reads: ‘”‘All I had ever wanted was privacy. In order to get it, it seemed that an exceptionally detailed 500,000-word book was in order…'”

‘He was born into an ancient, powerful dynasty and, through no fault of his own, became one of the most recognisable men on the planet.

‘His life was a constant barrage of press intrusion and manipulation until, finally, he demanded that it stop.

‘In order to get the privacy he so craved, he has written a frostbite-and-all book that goes deep inside the castle walls and exposes every shouting match, fist-fight, betrayal, teddy bear, awkward hug and tear-stained wedding rehearsal for the world to feast their eyes on.

‘All for privacy! This is his story.’

In a new South Park parody, the prince and princess of Canada are seen deciding to flee their homeland, after ‘bashing’ the Canadian monarchy

The outfit worn by the princess in South Park very closely resembles the ensemble worn by Meghan Markle at Trooping the Color in 2018 

It is not the first time since the Prince has been parodied since the release of his book. 

Last month, South Park took aim at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in an episode depicting the Prince and Princess of Canada – a young royal couple who loudly beg for privacy while drawing attention to themselves.

The red-headed prince and his wife, who wears the same dusty pink outfit that Meghan donned for Trooping the Color in 2018, along with a near-identical white hat that sits askew on her head, are seen promoting the prince’s book – Waaagh – the cover of which strongly resembles Harry’s memoir Spare. 

They storm off during a TV show after being challenged about their motives, before moving to South Park, with the princess declaring: ‘If we moved here, people would think we’re really serious about wanting to be normal’ with their subsequent arrival enraging the local community. 

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