Prince William’s net worth set to soar when he becomes King

The Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line to the throne, is celebrating his 39th birthday today, on 21 June – that’s 39 years of being in the public eye as a royal.

The majority of people at Prince William ’s age have found themselves in a career with a steady monthly income – but as a royal where does their money come from?

They don’t have “citizen’ jobs, they perform official duties and attend royal engagements. William himself supports over 30 charities and military organisations, as well as having previously trained as an officer and pilot in the British military.

During William’s time as a helicopter pilot in the RAF Search and Rescue Force, he reportedly earned himself around £50,000.

So after all this and his royal duties for almost the last four decades of his life how much is Prince William’s net worth?

Prince William's net worth

Prince William's net worth is an estimated £30million, which will rise significantly when he moves up the royal ladder and becomes King.

So where does his money come from? It is said he inherited more than £20 million from his late mother, Princess Diana, and around £7million from his great-grandmother, the Queen Mother.

The Royals, including William, benefit from the Sovereign Grant. A principal source of funding that supports the Queen’s and royal official duties, covering maintenance of royal palaces and royal engagements.

Another source of ‘income’ for William is the Duchy of Cornwall, a private family estate that funds the public, private and charitable activities for both William and Harry from its revenue.

Furthermore, when Prince William becomes King he will inherit a large amount from his grandmother, the Queen and from his father, Prince Charles.

He will also inherit the Duchy of Cornwall, along with a number of other properties and financial investments his father currently owns.

The day The Duke of Cambridge becomes King he will inherit a further fortune from everything that belongs to the monarch.

This includes properties worth over £7 million, the Royal Art Collection along with the annual fixed salary from the British government estimated to be around £10 million.

And to add even more figures to the equation, Prince William will no doubt also inherit the Queen’s assists at some point.

The Queen’s net worth alone is estimated at around £350 million with the British monarchy worth coming in at an astounding £72.5 million.

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