Putin comments on Israel as Zelensky fears it could hit military aid

Zelensky fears Israel conflict could hit military aid to Ukraine – as hypocrite Putin says women and children must be spared after Hamas strike… while his missiles slay families

  • Their words came as Hamas launched fresh wave of rocket attacks across southern Israel

Volodymyr Zelensky has spoken of his fears that the Israel conflict could hit military aid to Ukraine, as hypocrite Putin demanded that women and children must be spared after the Hamas strike on Israel.

Putin has caused carnage among civilians with his illegal invasion of Ukraine, soon to reach its 600th day, caring nothing for their fate in his relentless missile and kamikaze drone strikes.

Speaking of the conflict potentially affecting weapons being supplied to Ukraine, Zelensky said today that ‘of course, everybody’s afraid, and I think also Russia’s counting on it, on dividing support’.

The Ukrainian President had for the first time joined a meeting of more than 50 defence leaders from around the world to make a personal pitch for military aid, in the face of lagging political support in the U.S. and new pressure on allies to send weapons to bolster Israel’s war.

His words came as Hamas this afternoon launched a fresh wave of rocket attacks across southern Israel, including a child development centre, as Gaza holds its breath with Israel’s Defence Forces massing hundreds of thousands of troops on its border.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy talks during a press conference with Belgium’s Prime Minister (not pictured), in Brussels on October 11, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a plenary session at the 2023 Russian Energy Week international forum at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023

Shocking images and videos out of Israel’s southern city of Ashkelon purportedly showed how the Child Development wing of the Barzilai Medical Centre suffered a direct hit reducing parts of the building to rubble.

The Israeli military said more than 1,200 people, including 155 soldiers, have died in Israel since Saturday’s incursion. In Gaza, the health ministry says more than 1,050 have been killed and over 5,100 injured. 

Asked about concerns that Ukraine could get less military support because of the war in Israel, Zelensky said there is a ‘very understandable volume’ that the U.S. and Europe can provide. 

He said he has asked that question himself, and added that he thinks nobody really knows but that he is still assuming U.S. and European support.

Speaking of the Israel war as he entered NATO headquarters, Zelensky said Ukrainians understand such tragedy. 

But he was also quick to detail Ukraine’s ongoing need for air defense systems and long-range missiles ‘to push Russia out of our land’. 

Ukraine is desperately seeking more weapons to help its troops regain ground from Russian forces before the muddy weather sets in after making limited gains in its counter-offensive.

A view of rockets fired by Palestinians into Israel’s Ashkelon city as clashes continue between Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups at various locations in Gaza on October 10, 2023 in Gaza City

A fire blazes after a rocket that was launched from the Gaza Strip landed in Ashkelon, southern Israel, October 11, 2023

Israelis take cover from the incoming rocket fire from the Gaza Strip in Ashkelon, southern Israel, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023

Discussing the Middle East crisis during a key speech for Russian Energy Week in Moscow, Putin said men should be allowed to fight it out, but the brutality should not involve women, children and the elderly.

‘We need to strive to minimise or reduce to zero, to a minimum, civilian casualties,’ Putin said, referring to Israel and Palestine.

‘Women, children, the elderly.

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‘If men decide to fight among themselves, let them fight among themselves.

‘Children, women, leave them alone. This applies to both sides.’

His words are likely to infuriate the West, as the war has seen countless atrocities against civilians, including in Bucha, where civilians were killed and raped by troops which have been accused of genocide.

As the invasion started, Olena Kurylo, 53, known as ‘the face of the Ukraine war’, was pictured with a bloody face after a Russian missile strike on her home.

Two months later, Putin bombed Odessa with his strategic missile-carrying Tu-95s.

As a result, baby Kira was laid to rest with her mother Valeria Hlodan, 27, and grandmother Liudmila Yavkina, 53.

This month, his forces staged a ‘genocidal’ attack on Hroza village where 53 were killed, many of them civilians.

Putin said during his speech: ‘I don’t understand why the United States is pulling aircraft carrier groups towards Israel, this is aggravating the situation.’

He added that it was ‘unknown whether it will be possible to calm the situation between Israel and Palestine in the near future, but this could lead to big problems’.

Putin said the accusations against Iran of involvement in the aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict were unsubstantiated.

A wounded woman is seen as airstrike damages an apartment complex outside of Kharkiv, Ukraine on February 24, 2022

The hand of Iryna Filkina, a woman who according to residents was killed by Russian army soldiers, is pictured as her body lies on the street, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in Bucha, Kyiv region, Ukraine April 2, 2022

President Volodymyr Zelensky (C) speaks to media in the town of Bucha, northwest of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. – Russian forces pulled back from the commuter town northwest of the capital on March 31, 202

He angled his support in the conflict against Israel.

‘Initially, when the decision was made to create the State of Israel, a decision was made at the same time to create a second state,’ he said.

‘Initially, it was about the creation of two independent and sovereign states – Israel and Palestine…

‘Israel, as you know, was created, but Palestine as an independent and sovereign state was never created.’

He blamed the West for this failure.

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