Putin critic started convulsing and losing hair after being ‘enemy number one’

A Russian opposition politician who publicly condemned the war in Ukraine was poisoned, it has been revealed.

Elvira Vikhareva, 32, had been an outspoken crticis on Mad Vlad's invasion, and began feeling unwell in November of last year.

Her conditioned worsened and her hair began falling out while she also had stomach pains and muscle spasms which lasted February 2023.

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She shared tests with Russia's Sota news channel which showed that traces of potassium dichromate, a highly toxic chemical used as an oxidizing agent, had been found in her blood.

She is far from the first critic of the Kremlin to come down with mysterious symptoms.

Alexei Navalny, one of Putin's biggest critics, almost died after FSB agents smeared his underwear with novichock while he was on an airplane back in August 2020.

She told TV Rain as there was no point going to police, since they act on the behest of the Kremlin's inner circle, and said anyone taking an 'anti-war position' quickly becomes 'enemy number one'.

Vikhareva said: "When the test results came back the only phrase that was heard was: "How did you survive?

"I don't have any assumptions but if a person has an anti-war position and is in Russia, and can express their thoughts clearly about what is going on in Russia and Ukraine, then they are enemy number one."

She said said going to the police with the information would have been like "going to a bloody executioner".

Potassium dichromate can severely damage organs and cause cancer, infertility and breathing difficulties.

Vikhareva is the host of a political show on YouTube, but has stopped showing her face on camera after saying the poison had "taken its toll on her looks".

The poisoning has left her with shaking hands, eyelashes that fall out and nails "that look like they've been run over by a train".

Vikhareva has in the past helped run campaigns for opposition leaders, and ran for parliament herself in 2021.

She lost to a pro-Kremlin candidate in an election widely condemned as fraudulent.

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