Putin ‘Love child’ flaunts wealth as Russian leader ‘throws away MILLIONS from taxpayers’

Alexei Navalny describes Putin’s alleged secret ‘palace’

In the photos, 17-year-old Elizaveta can be seen wearing a Gucci facemark, dancing in designer gear and knocking back cocktails and champagne. The images will further embarrass the Russian president, who has been accused of throwing away millions of taxpayers’ money on his secret mistresses by his political opponent Alexey Navalny. It comes at a time when ordinary Russians are reeling from the Covid crisis and its economic fallout.

The Instagrams pictures are said to have caused anger among Mr Putin’s aides and have drawn criticism from members of the public.

One person wrote on her Instagram account: “Wow, I can see a sweater paid for by my taxes.

“How many pensions does this sweater cost?”

In a video report posted on Tuesday to YouTube and already viewed by millions, Mr Navalny claims that Elizaveta and her mother Svetlana, a former cleaner, have been showered with gifts and money from Putin’s oligarch friends.

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He said: “After Krivonogikh gave birth to Putin’s child, a bunch of assets – including a 3 per cent stake in Rossiya Bank – were registered for her – as was a yacht, the 118-ft yacht Aldoga.

“There can be no random women in this scheme.

“This is another example of how Putin’s friends steal from the entire country, and as a token of gratitude they support Putin’s mistress and her child.”

The anti-corruption campaigner also claims that £1 billion of state funds have been spent on a Black Sea palace for the Russian tyrant.

The palace is said to have its very own strip club and casino, as well as an underground ice hockey complex and a vineyard.

The Kremlin denies all the allegations made in the documentary, with Mr Putin’s official spokesman saying on Tuesday that all the allegations were “untrue” and that the president “doesn’t own palaces”.

He went further on Wednesday, insisting that the president declared all his property annually.

“These are all absolutely unfounded claims,” he said. “This is pure nonsense and… there’s nothing else in it.”

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