Putin propagandist’s warns that ‘Russia has behaved with restraint until now’

In a shocking Russian propaganda broadcast Putin henchman Dmitry Kiselyov claims that Russia has “acted with restraint” in the face-off against NATO but that it will soon respond with advanced weaponry.

Kiselyov, who was given the top job at Russian state-controlled media group Rossiya Segodnya by Putin in 2013, broadcast a video designed to convince ordinary Russians that the entirely of Europe is engaged in a fascist conspiracy against them.

As part of celebrations to mark the 80th anniversary of the pivotal battle of Stalingrad, which ended on February 2, 1943, Kiselyov shared with his viewers a twisted view of history, in which “the collective West” fought alongside Hitler’s troops against Russia.

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Ignoring the established historical facts – and in particular glossing over the non-aggression pact between Russia and Nazi Germany which gave Hitler a free hand in Western Europe between 1939 and 1941 – Kiselyov states that “all of Europe was on the side of fascist Germany”.

He goes on to say, in a translation provided by Russian Media Monitor, that his boss Vladimir Putin has warned “followers of Naziism” – by which he means Ukrainians – and “those cowards who supply them with arms” – which he clearly intendeds to mean NATO – that the next war will be very different.

Kiselyov then played a section of a speech from Putin, in which the Russian leader warns that “modern war with Russia will be totally different”.

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“It won’t be limited to the use of armoured vehicles,” Putin says. “We won’t be sending our tanks to their borders, but we have the means to respond, and it won’t be limited to using tanks…”

Whether Putin is warning of missile strikes on the NATO supply lines directly aiding Ukraine, in Germany and Poland, or whether he is attempting to signal a wider strike on NATO nation is unclear.

Either way, the effect is the same. It is a fundamental part of NATO doctrine that any attack on a member state represents an attack on the entire alliance, and will be met with a united response.

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Contrary to Kiselyov’s claims, Allied support for the Soviet Union during the Second World War was extensive and essential.

The US alone shipped essential military supplies to Stalin worth $180 billion in today’s money.

And the human cost of supporting Stalin was enormous. Over a hundred Allied merchant ships were sunk with the arctic convoys, along with 18 warships.

Some 2,800 Allied sailors are known to have lost their lives helping Stalin resist Hitler’s invasion. Kiselyov does not appear to mention their sacrifice during any of his broadcasts.


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