Putin’s forces show ‘wider degradation’ as Ukraine regains territories

Moment Ukraine bomb obliterates Russian command post

Putin is facing humiliation after Ukraine troops recaptured a small tactical village on the frontline which raised questions about his troops’ military strength.

A report from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reveals Russia is struggling in controlling smaller Ukrainian settlements.

The ISW report, released yesterday (August 17), details Russia’s struggle to maintain control over places like Robotyne and Urozhaine.

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These efforts have stretched Russia’s resources and personnel, suggesting a possible decline in its military power.

A significant development came when Ukraine announced it had retaken Urozhaine, a small village in southeastern Donetsk. This shows Ukraine’s forces are gaining ground on Putin’s troops.

And there are suggestions Zelensky’s forces are progressing towards Robotyne in the southern Zaporizhzhia region in a show of Ukraine’s determination to fightback in the face of Russia’s aggression.

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The ISW report suggests Ukraine likely weakened Russia’s forces to achieve these gains. Looking ahead, it details concerns about Russia’s ability to defend its territory.

A lack of reinforcements could expose holes in Russia’s defences, particularly where reserves have yet to be deployed.

It reads: “Russian forces lack significant operational reserves, and the intense Russian effort to hold these settlements instead of withdrawing their forces means that Ukrainian forces have likely had to thoroughly degrade Russian units before advancing.

“The lack of Russian operational reserves means that Russian forces will have to reinforce certain areas of the front at the expense of others, likely weakening Russian defensive lines in aggregate and offering Ukrainian forces opportunities for exploitation.”

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