‘Quietest cow on farm’ goes on aggressive rampage and ‘throws woman into air’

This is the terrifying moment a farmer narrowly escaped being crushed by a cow.

Matthew Blair, from Penrith in Cumbria, shared the footage of the incident on Twitter, which showed his wife, Dani, being attacked by a Beef Shorthorn heifer on the farm.

The CCTV clip saw Dani trying to assist the animal's two calves but the animal turned aggressive and suddenly head-butted her against the wall.

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Dani, who is also a vet, was tossed in the air momentarily before the cow appeared to bite one of her trouser legs.

Matthew then rushed in and pushed the cow away while Dani got up from the floor and stood outside the calving pen.

The farmer wrote in the caption: "This cow has been with us for seven years, she’s calved every year.

"She’s one of the quietest cows on the farm. This is why you should never trust any of them.

"Last night wasn’t a good one. Dani is ok, just bruised, but if she was lone working it could of been different. Hellish."

The video prompted reactions from animal lovers and some assumed that Dani was trying to take the calf away and slaughter.

But Matthew said the first calf was dead and his wife was trying to save the second one.

"For all those assuming the calf has been robbed from her, here's the cow pretty relaxed," he posted a picture. "Both cow and lady are in good health today."

One viewer questioned: "Hope she is ok. My question is why did you not go in as I would always go in to check and never let the wife do it."

Matthew replied: "Why do you think my wife is less capable than me? They are as much her cows as they are mine."

On Monday, he shared a walk-through video to show the calving shed in the farm, as well as an update of the cow that attacked Dani the day before.

"If there is no assistance needed, they are just all calved quietly in this straw pen," Matthew explained.

"If the cows do need assistance, they will come up to the shed up into these calving pens, which are purpose-built.

"Calving gates, calving yoke system there to trap them. The issue is, see the cow over there, the one who attacked Dani, if she is wild, it's really difficult to trap.

"As the fact of the matter if Dani had handled the cow in the big straw pen, she was quiet as a mouse.

"When she got to here, she wasn't quiet and experience is great, we all learn from our mistakes but I just to give you a rough idea of how the calving system is like here."


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