Revellers in Leeds and Newcastle get the party started for Coronation

Bank holiday bonus for revellers in Leeds and Newcastle as they take advantage of the King’s three-day Coronation to get the party started early

  • Many sported the Union Jack, King Charles III masks or other fancy dress 

Revellers in Leeds and Newcastle use the bank holiday bonus of the King’s three-day Coronation to get the party started early. 

They could be seen hitting the town on Friday night to ring in the Coronation weekend.

Many were dressed up in England or Union Jack flags, while others sported colourful costumes and props.

Large groups of partygoers descended upon the streets in Leeds and Newcastle as they hit the cities’ bars and clubs.

More festivities will take place throughout the weekend, especially following the Coronation tomorrow and the street parties to celebrate the crowning of the King all over the country.

The revellers in Leeds and Newcastle were making the most out of the bank holiday weekend by ringing in the celebratory occasion early on Friday night to party through the weekend until Sunday, leaving Monday to rest before going back to work.


LEEDS: A group of friends sharing some chips after dancing the night away

LEEDS: Dressed up head-to-toe in pink, this reveller opted for a uniform fancy dress

LEEDS: Wearing comically large ears, a robe and a crown, this Loiner is ringing in the weekend with a drink

NEWCASTLE: Celebrating not only the Coronation but also a stag party, these partygoers dressed up in various costumes

LEEDS: This excited reveller and her knight in shining armour carrying her are starting the weekend decked in patriotic flags

NEWCASTLE: These friends started the bank holiday weekend in style, wearing the perfect outfits for a successful pub golf trip including blow-up golf clubs

NEWCASTLE: Dressed in flip flops and with a lei decorating her neck, this reveller and her friends were visibly excited about the bank holiday weekend

NEWCASTLE: This quartet descended upon the nightlife in Newcastle wearing 80s-themed fancy dresses and sporting their inflatable boom boxes

LEEDS: This group of friends excitedly kicked off the Coronation festivities by going out in Leeds

NEWCASTLE: Probably looking for the best place to celebrate next, this reveller sported a neon pink dress and a glittery party hat

LEEDS: These smiling friends kicked off the bank holiday weekend wearing matching bunny ears and (mostly) black outfits while enjoying Leeds’ nightlife

LEEDS: This reveller sporting a slightly deformed King Charles III mask kept in character by not even taking the mask off to devour his chips

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