Rotorua crash: Couple escape injury after car smashes into building

The fact no one was hurt when a car smashed through a shop is being described as a miracle by the shop’s owner.

The car crashed through the front door of Thompson Lawnmowers & Chainsaw on the corner of Old Taupō and Sunset Rds about 5.25am.

Owner Robyn-Anne Rumney said the car had been shunted through the front door after being hit from behind by another vehicle.

She said the “lovely couple” inside the car were in their 50s and the husband was driving his wife to work when the crash happened.

She said they didn’t know how the car behind had crashed into the couple or who was driving that vehicle.

The steel beams around the outside of the front door smashed through the couple’s front windscreen.

“They didn’t have a scratch on them. It is miracle stuff … No one was injured and that’s the main thing. We can cope with anything if no one was hurt because this is only stuff.”

Despite no one being hurt, Rumney said the only other “injury” was to Ruff, the wooden chainsaw-carved dog that has sat at the front of the shop for the past 15 years.

“He’s got a bit of a knick out of the side of his leg, but otherwise I think he’ll be okay,” she said.

Staff at the store were busy cleaning up the mess this morning with glass everywhere and wood from the smashed door strewn throughout the shop.

“I must admit I had a wee cry when I first got here, but I’m okay now. They had to cut the steel beams around the car to get it out. The car went plum through the middle of the front door, they couldn’t have done it better if they tried.”

Rumney said they were alerted to the crash at 5.30am by their security company, but emergency services were already on the scene.

“The police got here so quickly. And I want to say a big thank you to the couple’s son who got out of bed and came down and helped us with the cleanup.”

A police spokeswoman said the crash was initially reported as a burglary, but later discovered to be a crash.

Police inquiries were continuing.

-Additional reporting by David Beck

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