Rudest secret messages on Google Maps including ‘f*** off’ and giant willy

Some people really don't seem to like Google Maps.

The platform, which recently celebrated its 16th anniversary, has revolutionised the way many of us travel, find places to eat, skip the traffic and much more.

Google has mapped more than 200 million places across 220 countries to date and adds over 20 million photos, reviews, ratings, and other pieces of content from users every day.

But it seems not everyone is a fan – and loads of people appear to have left rude messages for Google's satellites to discover showing as much.

One message was discovered on a green expanse just outside the city of Pittsburgh and it soon became clear the rather rude note had been purposely written for satellite cameras to pick up.

The message simply read: “F U Google.”

It is not totally clear what irked the person to create the message, but the video has already attracted hundreds of comments since it was shared in January.

“That is one hilarious tribute to Google,” one viewer wrote.

It's not the only occasion where the message has clearly been for the search engine giant.

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A Google Maps user spotted an explicit sign addressing the tech giant in the middle of the desert.

Spelt out in large letters, someone had written: 'F*** Google."

It was visible on Google's cameras and led many to speculate about how it got there and what would happen to it after the discovery.

Some Reddit users said they were "afraid" to like or comment on the post in case it alerted the company.

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Others wondered whether the message would be discovered in thousands of years and what people would think of it.

One said: "Due to this geoglyph's location in that particular desert if someone doesn't erase it, it's probably going to last several thousand years at least."

Daily Star previously revealed how one bloke decided to scrawl “f*** you” on the roof of his house, with users speculating it was in response to a request to blur the building was supposedly denied.

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A Google Maps enthusiast shared a screenshot of the property on Reddit after discovering someone had written "F*** you," on the roof.

The property was blurred when on street view, although it is not blurred on satellite, leading people to speculate the message may have been a response to a request to have it obscured from above on the platform.

A Google spokesperson previously told the Daily Star: "Google does not itself blur satellite imagery.

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"Google Earth is built from a broad range of imagery providers, including public, government, commercial and private sector sources – some of which may blur images before they supply it to us.

"Such imagery is commercially available on the market (including to other map services) from third party providers.

"Any inquiries should be directed to that provider."

Users later revealed exactly what the house looks like from the street.

Comments to that article also revealed another similar rude message left on the roof of a house.

One Facebook user shared a screenshot of the house, commenting: "This little summer cottage about a half mile from me. 'Watch porn not me.'"

The person's profile indicates the house is somewhere in Illinois, although the Daily Star has been unable to locate its exact whereabouts.

Another user commented to share a picture of a giant penis and testicles which appears to have been cut into the grass in a field.

He commented: "Came across this when househuntin in Lincolnshire UK."

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