Russian babe sacked by Putin unrecognisable years after naked Playboy scandal

It’s been four years since a Russian state official with a “secret service” job was made homeless after being fired for sending naked photographs to Playboy – but a lot has changed for her since then.

Anna Anufrieva, 31, worked for Vladimir Putin’s government when she pitched risqué snaps for the magazine’s annual calendar competition. But baring her body caused a storm and she was subsequently forced to leave her tight-lipped role.

Her outraged father abandoned her and she had to sell her flat after struggling with mortgage repayments. The glamorous redhead, then 27, also said no other employer would take her on after the nudes went viral.

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At the time, she said: “I have nowhere to live. No job, no boyfriend, no apartment. It is as if I committed a crime. Because of this scandal and losing weight I got problems with my period.

“My father stopped communicating with me, claiming I lost my shame in front of the whole country.” She continued: “Nobody wants to employ me, and I wish they made it clear that it was because of the scandal. But they invent dozens of reasons. Suddenly they do not have a vacancy any longer or say they found a better candidate.”

So after losing her home, career and the respect of her family members, what does life look for Anna all these years later?

Judging by her Instagram page, where her pictures are much less proactive than her Playboy ones with little skin on show, she seems to be thriving. She still lives in the Russian oil capital Tyumen in Siberia, which is where the picture drama unfolded.

But her life there is now unrecognisable because she is now a mother to a little girl who is nine months old. Playing with her daughter in one photo, she wrote: “This is my life and my love.”

And embracing motherhood, she said in a different caption: “I look at you, sniff your nose and have probably kissed you 24 trillion times. More kisses, hugs, love beyond belief.

“I don't know if I have more children maybe I'll decide to have you a sister, a brother but if I had to have you 20 more times I would do it without a second thought despite the pain I went through. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.”

As well as being a mum, Anna, who previously spoke about having no boyfriend or apartment, is now a married woman. She tied the knot last year and posted pictures from the special day in July last year.

And speaking about some of her happiest ever moments since the fall out, Anna, who now has brunette locks, said: “When Andrew brought me coffee at four in the morning and we went for a run along the shore, and met a lilac sunrise in February in another part of the world.

"Where the air is different and you yourself seem to become different, fluttering like a hummingbird and absorbing everything you see around – music, colours and smells, palm trees, like scenes from a movie, people laughing, starry sky and freedom.

“When we saw our baby at the first screening, she was only 16 cm, but the ultrasound showed a whole person, with a beautiful head and a Hollywood chin.

“When they breastfed my daughter after giving birth. This is incredible. This is outer space. No man will ever understand this.”

After Playboy gate, Anna argued that state officials “should be permitted to pose naked” and not just models, actresses, fitness coaches and bloggers. She believes teachers, civil servants, doctors and any woman who loves herself should have the freedom to express themselves in nude form.

And despite having suffered because of it, she has no regrets about entering the contest. She said: “Some would say – was it worth it? To lose a stable job in that secret state service, a prestigious position. It was all worth it. Take my honest word as a state servant.”

It’s not clear what Anna now does for work but a post last year suggested that she is still embracing nude photography, despite being shamed for it in 2019. She shared a titillating photo of herself and told her followers she was looking for models for an exhibition she was organising.

She said that participation was free and confidential and that all the women would need is “audacity, courage and enthusiasm”.

And speaking about her vision, she wrote: “The exhibition aims to show all the beauty of the female body, it will be held in nude format, but at the same time it will be completely confidential, it will not be visible, because I understand that, in your opinion, you are risking your work and reputation.

“But this is me who wants to prove that a girl has the right to be beautiful and show it without being afraid to lose something. If you love your body, if you want to show and see your best, write to me in private on social networks or messenger.”

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