Samuel Olson’s devastated dad sobs as he begs girlfriend to explain why she ‘killed his five-year-old son’

A FATHER is begging for answers after his girlfriend was accused of killing his five-year-old son and hiding the body in a bath tub for two weeks before reporting him missing.

Dalton Olson said he could "barely breathe" after receiving news a body found in his girlfriend's motel room on Tuesday could be his son's.

"I don't know what's going on. I can barely breathe," he said.

"Why? He loved you so much. I do not understand what happened. Why did you, why did you do this?".

Theresa Balboa, 29, was arrested following a tip off to police that she was allegedly seen carrying a foul-smelling plastic bin containing the child's body.

Balboa was arrested and put behind bars at Jasper County prison on Tuesday. She faces a range of charges, including evidence tampering.

Samuel Olsen was reported missing on May 27, but was last seen alive by his paternal grandmother on May 8.

According to court documents, Balboa allegedly told her roommate on May 10 that Samuel was dead, two weeks before reporting him missing.

The roommate later told Houston police he had seen Samuel's limp body on a bed in the apartment and that he was bruised and non-responsive.

He and Balboa allegedly moved the body to the bathtub, where it laid for two days, before they decided to dump the remains at a storage facility in Webster, Texas using a plastic bin.

Balboa went back to retrieve the bin on Monday with the help of a friend and drove it another 160 miles to a Best Western in Jasper.

Once there, the duo carried the bin inside room 106. Shocked by the smell coming from it, the friend decided to call CrimeStoppers.

Surveillance footage reportedly captures Balboa putting the bin – a black box with a yellow lid – in the back of the man's pickup truck before they drive away.

Moments earlier, Balboa had been participating in a search for Samuel in the Webster area, prosecutors say.

Police stormed the hotel and opened the bin to find a small body stuffed inside a black plastic bag and wrapped in duct tape.

Cops arrested Balboa shortly after.


Balboa's arrest comes days after it emerged she had choked Samuel's father and was subsequently hit with a restraining order, just months before the boy went missing.

In 2019, she also lost custody of her two young daughters over claims she neglected them.

Her children were handed over to a guardian after their father failed to claim them.


Tim Miller, from the volunteer search group Texas Equusearch, confronted Balboa days before the arrest over apparent inconsistencies in her story concerning Samuel's disappearance.

"I told her, I said, 'I'm so damn disappointed in you,''' Miller told KHOU11.

"I said, 'You know, every word you're saying is a lie.' And that's when things started unravelling, I think."

Balboa, who at the time was out on bond stemming from a domestic violence incident, was the one who reported the child missing on May 27.

Samuel's family have spoken out about the ordeal.

"[I am] shocked and so many other things that words cannot explain at the moment," Tonya Olson, the boy's paternal grandmother, told CNN.

"We are grieving as a family. None of us can wrap our heads around this. My son or anyone in our family had absolutely nothing to do with this."

Samuel's biological mother, Sarah Olson, released a statement through her attorney, demanding justice for her son. 

"I do not want people to forget Samuel's name," she stated.

"Please let the outside world know that I'm a heartbroken, but I believe that body is my baby."

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