Silicon Valley nerds let off steam at underground drug-fuelled swingers parties

Some of the brainiest tech boffins on the planet have been letting off steam at underground drug-fuelled swingers parties, a source has claimed.

Silicon Valley in the United States is known for being the home of the best and brightest minds in tech, with the likes of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay and the creators of Pokemon Go based there.

And it has a reputation for being an “all work no play” kind of place, where nerds spend their lives dedicated to technology.

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However, according to the New York Post, it turns out that some tech titans actually love to take drugs and bonk anything and everything that moves.

A source, talking about a nondescript warehouse in the area, said: ““On an upper level was a play space with mattresses inside and towels outside.

“It was like going to a tech party, except that everyone took off their clothes and went upstairs for sex.

“There is a viewpoint that the geeks who had turned into millionaires now have something open to them – opportunities for sex and drugs – in a way that it had not been before.

“A lot of these folks were nerds.”

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The source also claimed that the former nerds – although the phrase “once a nerd, always a nerd” exists for a reason – are now seen as rock stars within the tech field simply because of the eye-watering sums of money they make.

Posters from events in the area show swinger parties are common. One showed a Christmas party called “Mrs Clause is Bi”.

The advert featured a half-naked model wearing a red corset, while her hand was on her backside.

According to the job experts at Indeed, a software engineer with just one year of experience can earn around £120,000 per year, while that jumps to around £130,000 for six years of experience.

A current job advert for a software engineer placed by Airbnb is looking to pay some a huge salary of £200,000 per year – no wonder the sex parties are wild.

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