Southwest pilot is spotted crawling through plane's window

Hilarious moment Southwest pilot is spotted crawling through plane’s window after being locked outside cockpit before takeoff

  • The San Diego to Sacramento flight was temporarily delayed after a previous passenger unwittingly locked the aircraft 
  • Passengers were left confused, with some admitting they didn’t know the windows even opened  

An unfortunate pilot was snapped making an undignified entrance to the cockpit after being locked out of his aircraft.  

The Southwest Airlines pilot reportedly became shut out of the plane after the last passenger to alight the previous flight unwittingly closed the door behind them with no one else onboard. 

Matt Rexroad, who posted the hilarious image to Twitter wrote on the site: ‘No joke… yesterday last passenger got off plane with no one else on board, he shut the door. 

‘Door locked. Pilot having to crawl through cockpit window to open door so we can board.’

In the picture the suited pilot is seen clambering through the right hand window and shimmying his legs inside with the hep of a yellow-vested groundman. 

‘Well that is definitely something you don’t see every day’ the airline commented 

Responding to a comment on his post Rexroad explained that ‘the guy with the safety jacket basically opened the window with a slim Jim.’

Southwest Airlines also commented on the post: ‘Well that is definitely something you don’t see every day’ and thanked the passenger for sharing the unique experience.

‘Customer Safety is our top priority, and we’re so glad to know that our folks on the ground and in the air were able to get innovative during a difficult situation so we could all travel as scheduled’ they added.

Some on Twitter were left shocked by the picture with one user commenting: ‘I had no clue cockpit windows even opened.’

While another saw the funny side and joked that the pilot ‘Didn’t try a coat hanger first?’ 

Rexroad later told CBS News that he was travelling from San Diego to Sacramento on Wednesday after visiting his daughter. 

‘It’s certainly something you don’t see every day and I fly a lot of miles and I’ve never seen anything like that,’ he said.

While waiting at his gate, the flight agent said over the loud speaker: ‘Somebody who was on the flight coming in was the last one off the plane and shut the door and it’s locked.’

They explained there would be a delay while someone unlocked the door from the inside, ‘this pilot, to his credit, crawled through the cockpit window and opened the door’ Rexroad said. 

Adding: ‘From my point of view, credit to the pilot and the team for being able to make that happen.’

A similar incident occured on an American Airlines plane that was posted to TikTok last year 

In a statement Southwest Airlines said: ‘During the boarding process, a Customer opened the forward lavatory door and inadvertently pushed the Flight Deck door closed (which locked) while the Pilots scheduled to operate the flight were preparing to board the aircraft. 

‘One of our Pilots unlocked the door from a Flight Deck window, and the flight departed as scheduled.’ 

A similar incident occurred when an American Airlines pilot was filmed clambering through his cockpit window.

The video, posted to TikTok was captioned with the description ‘when your flight gets delayed because your pilot locked himself out of the cockpit.’ 

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