Squirrel is filmed brawling with RAVEN while stood on its hind legs

That’s nuts! Squirrel is filmed brawling with RAVEN while stood on its hind legs

  •  The raven and squirrel quarreling on roadside near Utah’s Snowbird ski resort 
  •  The March 14 incident was captured by Jessica Breitling 
  •  The hilarious nail-biting exchange went on for two minutes before crow fled  

A rowdy squirrel was filmed standing on its hind legs while brawling with a raven at a Utah ski resort.  

Footage shows the raven towering over the squirrel as the pair are seen quarreling on the roadside during the March 14 incident at Snowbird. 

The squirrel stands in fighting position with its arms open lunging at the bird – who is triple the squirrel’s size – as the raven spreads it wings and bounces around the squirrel trying to intimidate him.

The squirrel doesn’t back down – and at one point is seen tucking and rolling on the ground – to avoid being hit and eaten by the raven. 

The nail-biting exchange goes on for about two minutes before the crow, who appears to have had enough – is seen flying away.


The quarrel begins on a snowy bank near a Utah ski resort on March 14 

The squirrel is seen in a fighting stance ready to take down the black crow 

The crow tries to intimidate the squirrel by opening it wings and bouncing around him  

The event was captured by Jessica Breitling, as per ABC4 News. 

It is unclear how many people were watching but online comments were fun with most rooting for the plucky squirrel. 

‘Get em baby… get em,’ said one person.

‘Why doesn’t he just run?’ quipped another. 

Another added,  ‘Someone go save that little man.

But, once the squirrel got jabbed by the crow and was down on the ground, the onlookers grew concerned.

‘Oh no … he’s done…,’ they screeched. 

But, the tough-as-nails squirrel got back up on its little feet – ready for round two.

‘No … he’s back … he’s back,’ someone yelped.

‘This is so crazy ….  it’s hilarious that the bird is afraid of him.’

The video ended with the raven taking flight as the squirrel – clearly takes the prize. 

The heated exchange goes on for about two minutes before the crow eventually flies off 

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