Stop Calling For Unity; I'm Not "Coming Together" With Domestic Terrorists

Image Source: Getty / Olivier Douliery

When my sister and I were younger, we were at each other’s throats like opposite sides of a stan war. It was never physical because we both knew that going so far would invite the wrath of our small yet vicious Haitian-born mom, but we threw verbal jabs at one another like we wanted them to cut into flesh and render each other bloody. After every screaming match, my mother would tell us that we were sisters, and because of that unchangeable bond, we had to get over our differences and unite against outside forces that would happily harm us. Eventually, we’d patch each other up, let go of our qualms, and bond over our mutual hatred of Lucas and Peyton’s relationship on One Tree Hill.

I offer this cutesy retelling of my sister’s semitraumatic bullying during our adolescence because that’s an example of a relationship where it makes sense to work through differences and make amends. Other examples would be your roommate who keeps leaving their towel on the bathroom floor, your coworker who forgets to return your pens, or your neighbor who plays their Spotify Daily Mix a little too loudly in the mornings. One relationship that is decidedly not on this list is the one between you and the far-right extremist who believes so fervently in the mockery of a man who promised to make their bigoted dreams come true that they besieged the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

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