Stormy Daniels gets the Vogue treatment on DAY of Trump's indictment

‘He’s there in his underwear, doing the world’s worst Burt Reynolds impression’: Stormy Daniels mocks Trump in Vogue interview as she recounts their ‘tryst’

  • Vogue published a new interview with Stormy Daniels on Tuesday morning
  • It came hours before Donald Trump was arrested and charged in Manhattan
  • ‘I’d like him to get what’s coming for once,’ said the adult movie star

Porn star Stormy Daniels now says she has a missing 90 seconds from her memory of a 2006 encounter with Donald Trump, when she went from hanging out in his hotel room to having sex.

‘I’m standing there, in the doorway, and all of a sudden he’s there in his underwear, doing the world’s worst Burt Reynolds impression, and—that’s the thing I don’t understand, I don’t understand how I got from the doorway to being underneath him in the bed,’ she said.

Vogue published a new interview on Tuesday, hours before Trump was arrested in New York.

The case against him is believed to focus on a $130,000 hush money payment to keep Daniels quiet, although Trump has denied any affair.

The article was accompanied by 2018 photos by Annie Liebovitz of a glamorous Daniels — real name Stephanie Clifford.

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Former President Donald Trump was arraigned in Manhattan on Tuesday, in connection with a hush money payment made to adult movie star Stormy Daniels

For her part, he said she would rather he faced charges for other things he did to the country. 

‘For my own sake, I’d like vindication, I’d like him to get what’s coming for once,’ she said. ‘But that’s about me, and there’s other stuff that’s more like, about the country…’

She first met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in Nevada.  

Melania was at home with their young son Barron, and according to her account Trump invited her to have dinner on the night of the tournament.

When she arrived at his hotel room he was in his pajamas and she said she smacked him on the rear with a magazine and told him to get dressed, a tale she has told before.

Now she is intent on setting details of the story straight: that it was not just a hotel room where they met. 

‘People think “hotel room” and they think, you walk in and there’s the bed,’ she said. 

‘It wasn’t like that. His room was like a giant apartment—it had a formal dining room! 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green led a protest outside the lower Manhattan courthouse Tuesday

Trump and Daniels in happier times. A 2016 hush money payment is the center of probes 

‘So it didn’t seem completely insane for me to hang out there, or for him to suggest we order up food… I never got the sense he was trying to seduce me. 

‘He’d put on his suit, and we were just talking, he was asking me questions about my work. Good questions.’

She admitted he was smart. 

‘Not, like, Einstein, but—like, he spoke in whole sentences,’ she said.

She added that it was hard to connect that charming man with his 2023 public persona. 

‘Sometimes I see him on TV and I’m like—what happened? Who even is that guy?’ she asked.

‘I’m as confused by his hold over people as everyone else.’

What came next is now something of a blank.   

‘So at one point after we’d been chatting for a couple hours, I got up to use the bathroom,’ she said. ‘And then I come out, and—it’s like, there’s 90 seconds that don’t exist.’

Trump arrived at Trump Tower on Monday afternoon. He spent the night there ahead of a court hearing due a little after 2pm on Tuesday

Trump was in his underwear and then she was underneath him.

‘I remember thinking—his bodyguard is right outside that door; what happens if I hit him? Is that bodyguard going to come in here and hurt me? I remember him saying, “do you want to go back to the trailer park?”‘ she said. 

‘I never said I lived in a trailer park; I didn’t. I said we were poor…’

Daniels was not called to give evidence before a grand jury in Manhattan.

But last week it delivered its bombshell decision, voting to indict Trump, making him the first former president to face charges.

It plunged the country into uncharted legal and political territory, setting off an avalanche of fundraising for his campaign, delivering some $8 million in donations in a little more than four days. 

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