Suzanne Morphew's friends, family beg husband Barry to confess, share location of remains

Brother of Suzanne Morphew speaks out about his sister’s disappearance

Andy Moorman, brother of Suzanne Morphew who has been missing since Mother’s Day, spoke to Fox News about what he believes happened to his sister, and his hope to finally get closure about what had happened to her.

Suzanne Morphew’s family and friends are speaking out following this week’s news that her husband had been charged with her murder, begging Barry Morphew to “do the right thing” and confess, according to reports and interviews.

Loved ones of the 49-year-old mom of two spent months searching for Suzanne and hoping for her safe return after she disappeared from the area around her Salida, Colorado, home last May. Her husband, 53-year-old Barry Morphew, was arrested around 9:15 a.m. Wednesday in Poncho Springs.

When word spread of his arrest — just days shy of one year since Suzanne was last seen on May 10, 2020 — Suzanne’s friend, Tisha Leewaye, told Fox News she was “surprised to a point,” but added that she herself had provided police with information related to the case and had encouraged others to do so, too.

Barry Morphew’s May 5, 2021 booking photo (Chaffee County Sheriff)
(Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office)

“I was holding my phone, shaking and just almost started crying,” she recalled, describing how she received a text message confirming the news.

Leewaye said she spoke to police “on a weekly basis” and that community members have held vigils and events since Morphew disappeared — but Barry never attended, she told Fox News late Thursday.

And when the community joined Suzanne’s brother, Andy Moorman, and hundreds of others in their days-long intensive search for Suzanne in August, Barry did not get involved, despite being invited, Leewaye said.

This undated photo shows Barry and Suzanne Morphew (KNEWZ)

“When we did the search [and] we didn’t find her, it was pretty much like she died all over again,” Leewaye said.

Leewaye said she knew the Morphew family because they used to go to the tanning salon where she worked. Leewaye and Morphew became friendly, but only saw each other and spoke sporadically, she said.

Despite the fact that Suzanne Morphew’s body has still not been located, District Attorney Linda Stanley said Wednesday her office and investigators had gathered enough evidence to charge Barry with first-degree murder after deliberation, tampering with physical evidence and attempt to influence a public servant. Officials have kept police documents sealed as the investigation continues. 

“Today is not a day for celebration, nor does it mark the end of this investigation,” Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said during a news conference Wednesday. “Rather, it’s the next step in this very difficult yet very important journey as we seek justice for Suzanne and her family.”

On Friday, Melinda Moorman, Suzanne’s sister, told “Good Morning America” her family had finally begun receiving justice. Authorities said earlier this week they believe Suzanne is no longer alive.

“Justice is a process, and it just started,” Moorman said in the segment that aired Friday morning. “It just started for our family.”

Suzanne Morphew was reported missing by a neighbor on Mother’s Day last year — May 10, 2020. Officials said they were told she left for a bike ride and never returned.


Moorman told ABC her sister’s husband now “has the full weight of the authorities and the law coming against him.”

“And if he has any kind of sense at all, and [if] he loves his girls at all, I hope he’ll do the right thing and confess and save us all more heartache,” she added.

Barry Morphew appeared in a Chaffee County court on Thursday wearing shackles, handcuffs and a jail-issued jumpsuit. He spoke only briefly when prompted by the judge.

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    In this still image from video, Barry Morphew, center, appears in court in Salida, Colo., Thursday, May 6, 2021. Morphew was arrested on Wednesday, May 5, in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, who was last seen a year ago on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020. (KUSA via AP, Pool)(KUSA via AP, Pool)

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    In this still image from video, Barry Morphew, center, appears in court in Salida, Colo., Thursday, May 6, 2021. Morphew was arrested on Wednesday, May 5, in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, who was last seen a year ago on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020. (KUSA via AP, Pool)(KUSA via AP, Pool)

The couple’s daughters were present in the courtroom, when they appeared emotional and mouthed the words, “I love you” to their father, the Daily Mail reported. During Thursday’s hearing, the judge told Morphew he would be able to see his daughter as long as his contact with them remains civil.

Barry Morphew is being held at the Chaffee County Detention Center without bond and is due back in court on May 27.

The Morphew daughters were reportedly living with their father prior to his arrest and have been supportive of him. Speaking during the ABC interview, Moorman told her nieces:  “You were the heart and soul of your mother, and I love you girls and I pray for you often.”

Even prior to his arrest, Barry was suspected by some in Suzanne’s family of being involved in his wife’s disappearance.

Andy Moorman previously told Dr. Phil that he suspected Suzanne’s husband might be behind her disappearance. 


Moorman told Dr. Phil he thought Suzanne Morphew was “abducted, and in this case, murdered.” 

“I don’t think she was taken to a second location, I think it happened at home,” he said, adding that “based on the behaviors and things that happened,” he thought her husband was behind it. “And I pray it’s not.” 


Leewaye emphasized to Fox News the outpouring of support from strangers throughout the country, who have donated time or money toward memorializing Suzanne. She is now pleading with Barry Morphew to tell the authorities where to find his wife’s remains.

“Just let people know where she’s at, so her family — her dad didn’t even get the closure that he wanted before he passed. Let Andy have the closure, and all the community members that have been” involved, she told Fox News. “Give them the closure that they need.”

Fox News’ Michael Ruiz contributed to this report. 

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