Teacher fired over OnlyFans page now rates d*ck pics with ‘school’ report cards

A teacher who was sacked over her OnlyFans account now rates d*ck pics to fulfil subscribers' school-inspired fantasies.

Sarah Juree had her life turned upside down when a local reporter published an exposé on her side-hustle and flagged it to her employers who decided her position working with kids was untenable as a result.

What began as a salary top-up is now the primary source of income for the mum from Indiana, US, whose popularity soared from 100 OnlyFans subscribers to 4,000 after global media caught wind of her sacking.

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Sarah claims the initial blog about her was a malicious attack on her character, but she's now having the last laugh and is embracing her niche as a former teacher on the adult platform.

That now extends to fulfilling blokes' wildest teacher-based dreams by reviewing their penises in the form of a classroom report card, for an undisclosed fee.

Sarah admitted to the Dimples and The Beard podcast that she hadn't anticipated making a big deal of her profession of 20 years with her racy content at all.

She said: "I thought when I started OnlyFans I was going to be in the MILF niche but then when the teacher stuff happened I was like oh my God, this teacher fantasy is a real thing.

"They're like hot for teachers so I had this fan who messaged me and he was like 'hey, I have like this insane teacher fantasy and I would like a d*ck rating but could you please do it in a report card?'

"And I'm like business minded so I thought what could set my page apart from every other OnlyFans page? I'm like oh the novelty of a report card."

Given the amount of unsolicited images of genitalia she has been sent online since becoming single, Sarah suddenly found herself enjoying making money out of them.

However, it was a decision which did not come easily at first.

She continued: "That was a brilliant suggestion it was fun and I had fun mocking it up, it's fun to make. The whole thing was devastating but at a certain point I was like, okay Sarah.

"One of two things is going to happen. You're either never going to get up from this couch again and never want to show your face in public or you're just going to have embrace what happened and make the best of it then use your voice and advocate for things.

"As a single woman I have seen my share of d*ck pics, I've been on dating sites for a long time so for me it's like this is a way to be more empowered with it, have fun with it, be playful with it."

Sarah joked she took her own back on the man who first wrote about her OnlyFans page by imagining his manhood for review.

She added: "I did do my own d*ck report for the blogger though, I was so mad. I was like I'm going to rate his d*ck and he's going to fail.

"I do not give As to everything but I'm more like the teacher who if it's really good I will give the pluses and smiley faces but I haven't seen anything, they're all very similar they're all basically the same, some I'm like okay?"

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