Terrified dad tells how his house was torched by rioters – including baby’s cot

A father-of-two talked of his terror after rioters put bricks through his window and torched his car in a vicious attack when a street vigil devolved into chaos.

Swansea dad Adam Romain told WalesOnline there was "literally a riot" in front of his home on Thursday night after a vigil to a deceased local resident turned violent.

Romain's horrified family were forced to shelter inside as bricks came through the window and the front door was wrecked.

The innocent dad was working when the violence began but came home as soon as he heard there was trouble.

He said: “I’ve had a phone call from my girlfriend saying that there was a riot essentially going on outside, cars being burnt. I understood that it was my car.

"I came back as quick as I could and drove up right into the middle of it. About 100 lads throwing bricks, burning up cars. I stood here, put my motorbike inside the house, was trying to protect it, and was stood here trying to protect my home, my family, my children, and my missus was in the back hysterical, crying, scared to death.

“They started targeting me, started shouting at me and asking why I was doing that. I said I was just trying to protect my car – probably in hindsight a bad idea to tell them it was my car.

“I said: ‘I’m just trying to protect my car, I’m just trying to protect my family.’ And then they started targeting me, throwing the bricks at me, throwing them at the house. I’ve had to stand behind the door here and then they’ve come down and they’ve taken it in turns, one by one started throwing bricks directly at my door – straight through the house while I was standing there.”

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One of the bricks showered glass over the cot where Romain's 16-month-old baby daughter takes her naps.

He said: “My children were in the back absolutely traumatised. There’s no reason they should have been put through this.”

South Wales Police said numerous cars and houses were damaged in the violence, with shocking footage caught of burned-out cars being rolled down a hill by crazed rioters.

Superintendent Tim Morgan said: “Those involved can expect to face robust action. Post-incident investigations will also aim to identify all those concerned.”

Romain added: “Somebody said it was down to celebrating the memory of one of their friends. Well I have one message for all of you out there if you see this – this is not how you celebrate your friends. This is a dishonour to the memory of your friends.

“We’ve all lost people, we’ve all lost friends – especially the last year with all this Covid stuff. We’ve all lost people. But this is not how we celebrate them. Not by destroying other people’s lives. Not by rioting. Not by putting kids in danger and traumatising them for life.

"This is not how you do it. This is not how you honour your mates."

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