Terrifying video emerges of petrol station in flames as 35 killed in explosion

A huge gas station explosion in Russia has killed at least 35 people and left scores of others injured just outside of Dagestan’s capital of Makhachkal in southern Russia.

A new video from the scene posted on Twitter appears to show flames ravaging the area as people flee the scene.

An unknown person in the video says in Russian “As-salamu alaykum: The gas station is on fire.”

The blaze started on Monday night at a car garage before spreading to the nearby fuel station, Russia’s emergency situations ministry said.

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As of Tuesday morning, the cause of the explosion remains unknown.

According to the head of the Dagestan republic, Sergey Melikov, several children are among the deceased.

Russian media TASS agency reported the Russian ministry of health confirmed least 80 people have been injured.

TASS additionally reported that specialists from the Federal Centre for Disaster Medicine of the Ministry of Health have arrived in Dagestan. Express.co.uk is working to verify these claims.


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