Three-legged dog Toby looking for forever home after being abandoned at shelter

A three-legged dog rescued by the RSPCA has captured the hearts of dog lovers as he is listed for adoption.

Toby is a "smart and eager to learn" border collie, says Australia's New South Wales branch which had to have his front left leg amputate when he arrived at the shelter.

A Facebook advert for the adorable pooch has been shared more than a hundred times, leading to dozens of fans asking friends and family to offer Toby a loving forever home.

The post uploaded with a photo of Toby on Thursday said: "When Toby was brought into the shelter he, unfortunately, had to have his leg amputated but he doesn't let that stop him.

"He's young and hasn't had much guidance in his early life but he's very smart and eager to learn!

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"If you think Toby could be a good fit in your family and you are ready to support him in the ways I need, please contact the shelter and organise a meet and greet."

Any questions potential owners might have about adopting a three-legged dog are answered in the comments to the post.

One Facebook user wrote: "Coming from an owner of tripawds, you should do it."

Another said: "Awwww he reminds me of my old dog 'Fixer'. He had 3 legs too. He actually ran faster on 3 legs than he did on 4!!!"

And a third said: "If anyone is worried about the three legs our three-legged dog was terrific."

Toby's listing on the RSPCA website says: "I’m looking for a home with working dog experience and kids who have lived with working dogs too probably 8yrs+.

"I think I need to be the only dog for the moment, while I learn to switch off my working dog brain, and no cats or pocket pets to get me all excited!

"If you think I could be a good fit into your family and you are ready to support me in the ways I need, please contact the shelter and organise a meet and greet! I can’t wait to see you!"

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