TikTok stars the Smithy family blasted for splashing out on a jet-ski after fans raise £50,000 to fix fire-damaged house

A FAMILY of TikTok influencers has been blasted for buying an Audi and a jet-ski after fans raised £50,000 to fix their fire-damaged house.

The Smithys, as they are known to their 3.3million followers, had their South London home petrol-bombed by thugs as they slept in July.

Ex-builder Nick Smith, his partner Jess and their four kids managed to escape unharmed.

But after sharing their plight on TikTok, a GoFundMe page was set up to help them.

Nick, 33, has now been criticised by angry followers after he posted a clip of himself laughing and smirking on a brand-new jet-ski on the video-sharing site.

The gloating dad-of-four said: “To the people who are so caught up in my life, so anxious about what I’m doing or how I’m spending my own money, when you’re not focusing on your own life…


“We’ve gone through hell and back. We’re still smiling, we’re still pushing forward, we’re still working, we’re still earning money, we’re still smiling and enjoying life.

“What you doing? What are you doing, eh?”

As he sped around the water, Nick shouted: “Negative people only get negative things in life! Don’t be a negative person.”

But followers are not happy, with one raging: “See they’re spending their GoFundMe well.”

We’re still working, we’re still earning money, we’re still smiling and enjoying life

Another added: “So much for fixing the house with the £50k.”

A third told the family: “Couldn’t pay for house renovations but can buy a jet-ski. Feel sorry for all the people who donated to the GoFundMe page.”

And a fourth commented: “He’s laughing at everyone who’s donated to him!”

In a video posted this morning, Nick said they were donating funds to charities from the money raised for them by wellwishers.


In July's blaze, flames spread to their house in Welling, South East London, and destroyed it.

Fire crews put out the fire and police launched an investigation with cops releasing CCTV images of a suspect's car.

Last month, Nick claimed he would be donating “a big chunk” of the £50,000 raised for The Smithys to “help others”.

He said: “I am going to use some of the GoFundMe money to pay off the car finance so I can get myself a new car, on finance that I will pay for.

"I’m going to give my neighbours some money on either side.

"The rest of it, I’m going to get my girls a few little bits, then the big chunk of it, we’re going to give back to other people that have gone through the same as us but who haven’t got insurance.”

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